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Random Thread: End of my law school life

Over the last three years, I have developed a lot of friendships through this site. I've let people know what's been going on with my life, and I consider everybody in this community as friends. Tonight I find myself in my last class in law school. More importantly, I have no finals, so after tonight I am DONE with law school. I will be taking the bar exam this summer, which will keep me fairly busy for a couple months.

Nonetheless, I want to thank everybody at Niners Nation for helping me get through my time in law school. While I've been busy studying for classes and finals the last three years, Niners Nation has been a constant. I'm certainly not going anywhere anytime soon, but I wanted to make sure everybody at NN knew that I appreciated your contributions to the site.

There will be stretches of time where I disappear from here, particularly in July. The bar exam is at the end of July, and obviously I need to make sure I take care of business with that. I'm not leaving Niners Nation, but the bar exam will be a priority in July. I just want to make sure folks know what's going on as we move forward this summer. And yes, I've had a few adult beverages in my last class tonight. More to come at the mid-class break.