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Golden Nuggets: Professionalism.

Good morning. I considered making this post full of complete randomness due to Fooch likely having a pretty monster hangover, but I decided to stick to some semblance of professionalism. Not that professionalism has been my selling point, but you folks know what I mean by now. We've likely got more scrutinizing of the 49ers first round picks, of their entire draft, and of their undrafted free agents. The team begins OTAs and minicamps soon as well, we should have a bit about that. I haven't read anything today so if I end up linking you to another Tim Kawakami conspiracy theory without warning I sincerely apologize, I am not liable for any faces slammed against desks or heads exploding, things of that nature. Anywaaaay, I'm rambling, let's get to your links. Enjoy, folks.

Barrows unveils the defensive side of his post-draft depth chart, looking at the depth for the beginning of training camp. (

The NFC West is no longer the NFC Worst. Some questions, comments and general analysis of the NFC West and what it looks to be this coming season. (

Awesome article concerning the media and the way they handle certain things, such as the 49ers quarterback situation. (49ers Fancast)

Does the strategy of adding two offensive lineman in the first round work? It has in the past, and the 49ers are hoping to replicate or top that success. (

Sando likes to rile things up, apparently a bunch of Seahawks fans seem to think that their stadium will win them their NFC West crown. Cool. (

Some offensive line comparisons between the 49ers of old and the current line. I'm not worried or anything, you roll with what you get. I think it's worth noting that some of those lighter lineman would get tossed around like ragdolls with the athletic freaks on defense these days. (

Add WR Nyan Boateng to the list of local players trying out at the 49ers minicamp. (

Takeo Spikes was disappointed on draft day. I mean, to an extent, the title makes it seem catastrophic, he would have just liked it if the team brought in Brandon Spikes. It would have been good, I don't care what you say about his speed he would have been the perfect TED, but I'm happy with the Bowman selection. (

Here's the dates of the 49ers minicamps and OTAs. (

A look at our draft from our resident Cardinals blog. Love the classy Cards fan in the comments. Just pretend your division rivals don't exist and everything will be fine, apparently. (

Here's the latest 49ers Fancast from Indiana Jim. (49ers Fancast)

The 49ers are listed as a possible landing spot for JaMarcus Russell if he gets released. Ha... haha.. hahahaha.. HAHAHAH... AHHHHHHH. (