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Golden Nuggets: Good signing.

Morning everyone. Thanks to Fooch for covering for me yesterday. I live on a farm with a satellite connection.. it's lovely out here, but whenever the weather decides it's going to be just awful, well... I don't get great internet. It took me about 3 hours to download an 8 MB file. So about an hour and a half to download say, a song. So obviously I couldn't handle the links for you. Apparently the team signed LB Ahmad Brooks to a new deal--I like the move a lot, so long as the dollars and cents are right. (I haven't checked that yet). Brooks has the potential to be really good and I hope he elevates his play once more. Beyond that, not sure how many links I have for you--let's just get to it. Enjoy 'em, folks. Post any I miss in the comments.

As stated, the team signed LB Ahmad Brooks to a two year deal. Good, solid signing, in my opinion. (

Alex Smith's Brain... a look at the mental capacity of our oft-struggling starting quarterback. (

An update on what happened at the OTAs and a look at the rest of the offseason from the official website. (

Barrows reads between the lines of the OTAs. (

Hey cool, at least one writer feels like the team can win the NFC West with Alex Smith under center. (

Barrows also says the 49ers offensive line has a new attitude. Sorry boys, but it's going to take a lot more than a new attitude to really improve... Like a decent RT. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at the trade that Herm Edwards thought up concerning McNabb and Brandon Marshall. (

Here's a 49ers Team Report from Yahoo, always a good catch-up read. (