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Golden Nuggets: Stadium? Super bowl? Cool.

Good morning all. Ninjames here, and I've got a few links for you. I should be continuing our streak of making the jump but I'm unsure, I've got a hockey hangover right now and I'm finding it hard to part the grey mist of the victory-high and concentrate on football. And no, you... herbalists out there, I'm not speaking to that. But I did notice there are some stadium related articles and things of that nature. As many of you know, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the stadium deal, I just don't. Anyway, I'm finding it hard to fill up this space with things to say so I think I'm just going to skip boring you with filler and instead give you your links right now. Enjoy folks.

Barrows shares his thoughts on the recent media session that Baalke had with beat writers explaining their draft picks and what they liked in each player. (

And Mai-- uhhh Barber shares his thought as well. (

Why not round it out before the jump and go ahead and look at what Brown has to say on the matter? (

Cool, an NFL panel is backing the 49ers stadium plans, saying that they would push for the Super Bowl to be played there once completed. I can see the Niners winning their 11th Super Bowl there in 2016, sure! (

This article echos the one above--but I'm linking to it because of the bit about Singletary giving a speech. I'd love to hear the guy give a speech for just about everything. I want to see him give like.. a presidential speech. I bet it'd be awesome. (

Barrows has some thoughts on a couple of the 49ers undrafted free agents. (

More thoughts on the Baalke session from the Chronicle this time. (

Be sure to check out Sando's latest chat wrap. (