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Golden Nuggets: Finally, it can stop.

Morning everyone. Regrettably I'm going to have to do this in a hurry again tonight, though not for reasons of starting late. I've got a.. bit of a crisis on my hand and it's too late to see if Fooch can handle the Nuggets for the night, so I'm on. Not really anything happened in 49erland yesterday, and nothing figures to go down today either. Something did, however, happen that could impact what the 49ers end up doing in the upcoming draft. Donovan McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins and the talks about him to the 49ers can cease. But how does it affect the 49ers? Check out the first link. Enjoy folks, and sorry--there's just not many links tonight.

How the McNabb trade may affect the 49ers come draft day. (

Here's more on that theory from Samuel Lam. (

The Niners met with another offensive tackle... but he's not exactly a first round prospect. And he's a big 'un. (

That's really all I have tonight folks, sorry if I've made any errors or missed some, my head isn't in the right place.