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The 49ers, the NFL Draft, and the QB position

Due to some time constraints, I'm simply rehashing an old topic for this first post of the day (after the Nuggets of course!). We've discussed the 49ers QB position from here to kingdom come and back again. Whether it be Donovan McNabb, Jimmy Clausen, Tim Tebow, or anybody else, when a quality QB, or a college QB with some hype comes along, people jump all over the topic.

Yesterday Matt Maiocco discussed the potential for changes in philosophy with Scot McCloughan out of the picture. He discussed a variety of players and positions, but closed discussing two college quarterbacks that bring plenty of discussion to the table: Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen and the always controversial Tim Tebow.

About Clausen, MM said:

With the 'Skins trading for Donovan McNabb, I can't see Mike Shanahan taking a quarterback there. Now who takes Clausen? The Seahawks at No. 6? The Bills at No. 9? And what if he's available when the 49ers go on the clock with the No. 13 selection? Do the 49ers take him or look to trade back? Smith is under contract to the 49ers for just this season, while David Carr has a two-year deal. If Baalke and the consensus is that Clausen will be a standout quarterback, team president Jed York probably would not be opposed to having a another fellow Golden Domer join the organization.

About Tebow, while questioning using a high pick on a player that is re-learning how to throw a football, MM said:

Well, I'm no longer of the mind that Tebow on the 49ers is so far-fetched . . . But as Singletary takes on more of a role - and don't kid yourself, he is taking on more of a role - it would not shock me if the 49ers used the No. 49 pick on one of the all-time great college football players.

Even though the 49ers are going forward with Smith and Carr as their two QBs (with Nate Davis in a learning role), I wouldn't be shocked too see them grab a second developmental quarterback at some point in the draft. After all, Nate Davis could turn into something useful, but he is not at that stage yet, and still may not reach that point. I could certainly see the team going so far as to invest a mid-round pick on a QB. I'm not betting the farm on it, but I wouldn't be surprised.

We continue after the jump looking at why I don't see the 49ers grabbing Clausen, and what the discussion really is with Tebow...

At the same time, I have to say I'd be pretty surprised if the team invested a first round pick, or really even a second round pick, on a QB. I suppose Clausen could fall, but after Crabtree's fall last April, would you put those two in the same class? If you do, then I suppose Clausen at 13 wouldn't be shocking. However, I'm just not sure I'm at that point with Clausen. Over the course of three seasons on the field, Clausen showed marked statistical improvement each year. I generally try to avoid watching Notre Dame football, so feel free to throw out your opinions on his improvement in terms of physical skills.

So, given all that, would the team be making a good or bad move trying to grab Jimmy Clausen in the first round? Is he enough of a game-changer to go BPA if he were to sneak down to the 13th pick? I'm not sure he will, but it's something the team has to consider in light of the Redskins trade.

Tim Tebow
As for Tim Tebow, I really have no idea what to think of him. While I didn't like him in the Florida football context, he does seem like a genuinely good person. Now, whether he is going to be a quality NFL quarterback is the $10,000,000 question. He's re-worked his mechanics entirely and is convinced he can be an NFL-level QB. I suppose confidence is an important part of the battle, but he needs to come through on the physical side.

So rather than just say you'd never touch Tebow in the first round (or even second round), I'm curious when people would be fine with the 49ers landing Tim Tebow. They may have absolutely no interest in Tebow, thus making this a moot point. But even still, if the 49ers were to acquire Tim Tebow, what is the highest pick you'd be happy with in such a situation? In the first, second? Mid to late? Undrafted free agent? Or do you really just want absolutely nothing to do with Tebow?