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Golden Nuggets: Whoops, late.

Good morning, everyone. There's still not a whole lot going on in 49erland but I do have a couple links for you. My mock draft is completely screwed what with the McNabb trade, and yeah, it does make that much of a difference in the thinking. I'm wondering if there will be an offensive tackle for the 49ers to draft, if they're sitting there, do they actually take Spiller? They just might. I'm not too sure, I can't wait for the draft day party though, I wonder if anything akin to last year will happen... When the Raiders picked Heyward-Bey, the events center burst with cheer at how horrible of an owner Al Davis is currently, and begun chanting "Crabtree" for the next couple picks until the 49ers called his name. That was something. I hope it happens again. Anyway, I've got a few minutes until this needs to post and I'm about to crash so... here's what I have for you.

Why the team didn't really make a play for Donovan McNabb. (

With Trent Baalke instead of Scot McCloughan manning the trigger in the draft room, what type of changes could there be? Maiocco has some thoughts. (

What I was talking about earlier: how the McNabb trade can affect the 49ers on draft day. (

Here's an offseason Q&A with Matt Wilhelm. (

Well, I'm glad the 49ers have finally come out on the subject of child abuse. I mean, there's two sides to each story, right? I'm glad they've decided to make their stance clear that they are against it! ...Sarcasm rocks, and it came about by me reading it over and over and not registering the word "prevention" in this article. (