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49ers LB Ahmad Brooks deal worth $4.225 million over 2 years

Thanks to Matt Maiocco for tweeting the details of the contract Ahmad Brooks signed last week. According to Maiocco, the two year deal reached between Ahmad Brooks and the 49ers was worth a total of $4.225 million dollars. It includes a signing bonus of $1.85 million, and a 2011 roster bonus of $175,000.

Given that it's only a two year deal, and really not for a wildly exorbitant amount of money, I don't have a whole lot worth adding to this. When the deal first went down I spoke it as a win-win deal for both sides because Brooks can improve his value heading into unrestricted free agency (or get a big deal from the 49ers in a year or two), and the 49ers get to see what Brooks is worth without locking him up to a 5- or 6-year deal that could blow up in their face.

A few years ago, the 49ers did just that with Andy Lee and obviously it worked out well. The Steelers offered Lee, at that time a restricted free agency, a 6 year contract. It was not a super expensive deal, so the 49ers were happy to match it. I'm not completely sure they would have been prepared to match a 5- or 6-year offer for Brooks. Maybe they would have, but who knows.