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Golden Nuggets: Trade up?

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Morning everybody. Apologies that the links are going up late, it turns out that our lovable dictator, Fooch, is actually A SLACKER! Long story short, I asked him to handle the links today for me, he obliged, I woke up about a minute ago (3:20 AM) and noticed they weren't up so I decided I'd throw something together for you. I'm sure he got busy, something of that nature, no big deal, hope you don't mind thirty minute late links. As far as what I've got for you, I think I got a couple, don't expect any startling revelations, but do expect some more McNabb talk. I guess it's a testament to how little news is coming out of the 49ers camp right now that we have to keep talking about a player who should have been out of the discussion oh.. three days ago. That being said, enjoy the links regardless!

Maiocco is of the opinion that the 49ers must do everything they can to trade up in the draft and get one of the top three or four tackles in the draft. Honestly, I don't see it. The team needs a starting right tackle, not a left. If they move up, it better be for a left, and at that point, that means Staley is moving to the right, and I really think he's better suited for the left. You take a RT somewhere in the middle of the first round to the early second round... right where the 49ers are sitting. (

Barrows pores over McNabb and the 49ers future as he writes from D.C. I guess McNabb is in the air? (

Sando takes a look at the value of a right tackle. (

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Pass rushing specialist Aaron Morgan worked out with the 49ers recently, according to this link. (

The team is also scheduled to work out DT Ekom Udofia. Never heard of him. (

A look at some of the mock drafts of the NFC West, look provided by Sando over at ESPN. (

I didn't get a chance to look at this video yet, but it's supposed to be some of the folks at ESPN analyzing the 49ers draft needs. (

A Santa Clara judge recently rejected a motion to change the wording of the 49ers stadium ballot, which alleged that the ballot was misleading. (

I'm not sold that LB Manny Lawson isn't conforming to the 'change of culture' within the 49ers locker room. I do wonder why he wasn't at the early OTAs, but then again--we know why those OTAs were in place and it didn't seem like he needed to be there. Would have been nice, though. (

What releasing QB Marc Bulger means to the Rams. (

Well that would be something. Would Marc Bulger be a fit for the Cardinals? (