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Mel and McShay Mock Draft 4.0

ESPN has been pairing up the mock drafts of Mel Kiper and Todd McShay for some easy side-by-side comparison. In the 3.0 version of this, Mel had the 49ers taking CB Joe Haden and OG Mike Iupati, while McShay had the 49ers grabbing OT Trent Williams and DE/OLB Jason Pierre-Paul.

Pick #13
Mel Kiper: CB Joe Haden, Florida

Questions have been raised about Haden's speed during the workout process, but a solid pro day helped alleviate concerns. Haden could go higher, because he's the CB most likely to step in immediately with both superior cover skills and the physicality to play in every situation. He's a natural fit for San Fran, which needs corner help. Getting the college game's top CB here is a great get most years.

Todd McShay: DE/OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas

The 49ers' No. 1 priority is to find a right tackle to start opposite LT Joe Staley, but in this scenario the top four tackles are off the board. Manny Lawson came on last year and Kindle is a perfect fit as a pass-rusher on the other side of the line. Kindle would beef up the pass defense and is worth the pick here even though he does not fill a top need.

After the jump, Todd McShay drops the hammer creating a somewhat unexpected first round for the 49ers....

Pick #17
Mel Kiper: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

Davis has the upside of a Pro Bowl player at left tackle, which is where he lined up in Piscataway, but the Niners could move him to the right side to fill that void. Davis must still develop, but he has all requisite physical skills: great feet, long arms, prototype size. San Fran will make a pick to help the O-line in one of its two teen spots, and Davis is a smart pick here.


Todd McShay: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

There is a bigger need at offensive tackle but the remaining players at that position would be a reach here. We have the Niners passing on Clausen once and we don't give him a first-round grade but this seems like a reasonable spot for the No. 2 quarterback on the board. However, if Clausen gets past this spot it's hard to find another team in the first round with a primary or secondary quarterback need and he could be headed for a Brady Quinn-like free fall.

So McShay has the 49ers going with Clausen and Kindle. McShay's own analysis doesn't make sense. He says the remaining OTs would be a reach, but then he says he doesn't grade Clausenas a first round pick, but rather that position "seems like a reasonable spot" for him to go. That is ridiculous in my opinion and based on his belief in Clausen would have them reaching for him (even though they wouldn't reach for an OT).

I suppose if Okung, Bulaga, Williams, and Davis are off the board at 17 as he projects (he has them gone by 9!), the 49ers will have to consider their options. Some people like Jimmy Clausen, but would this type of scenario move the 49ers to deal that second 1st round pick down for more picks?