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Golden Nuggets: Don't reach!

Fooch's Note: Ninjames accidentally scheduled these for 3pm instead of 3am. I'll post them now since we might as well have some links to enjoy. I'll have a new Big Board poll shortly.

Morning folks. Ninjames here, bringing you your links ON TIME! Anyway, the draft is  getting closer and I just want to pass out and wake up in two weeks or so when it's time. Will somebody give me a courtesy call? Anyway... I have a few links for you, nothing major, but it's good reading, so you'll read 'em and you will like them. Also, if any of you are harassed by a guy on here who claims to be from Norway and London and Scotland... you know, average height, bad teeth, gloomy looking bloke? Yeah, be sure to tell me about that. Alright, so that was a bit away from professionalism here but what can I say, I'm suffering from a bad case of sleep deprivation accompanied by hallucinations. So, here's some links!

Mel Kiper is of the opinion that the offensive tackle pool will dry up after the first round. I'm inclined to agree, but that doesn't mean we reach. We cannot reach. A team that reaches often ends up regretting it. (

Maiocco has a draft day guide for the 49ers to follow. I don't necessarily agree with it, and in fact, disagree on many fronts, but you know. (

A look at the approach that each team in the NFC West will likely be taking in this draft. (

So who is the right tackle? What a lame pun. (

A pretty awesome story on how the 49ers came to picking Jerry Rice. (

The Great America owners could now be opposing the Santa Clara stadium deal with renewed vigor as their ownership situation is now stable. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at some of the potential first round offensive tackles. (

Trent Dilfer thinks he's some kind of draft guru now. Apparently drafting Bradford for the Rams would be "catastrophic". Oh and, Colt McCoy is the best QB in the draft. (

Sando takes a look at Kiper's picks for the 49ers at 13 and 17. (