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100 in 100: Ciron Black (88 of 100)



It remains a mystery as to what Ciron Black will be drafted to play at the next level. Will he play guard? Or will he play tackle? That question will not be answered until we get to see Black in action in the preseason.

He spent most of his time playing at the tackle position for LSU but has also had to play guard a bit too. Being that he has played both positions, this could make him more appealing in the mid to later rounds. Black has some question about his game here and there, but for the most part I think there has been enough positives to peak a few teams interest.

Black started 13 games out of 13 in the 2006 Season which was his freshman year. He continued on from there and started every game for the Tigers up until now. He and fellow teammate, lineman and friend Joesph Barkdale were considered to be the best tackle tandem in the SEC last year. He had a few conference honors but his stock fell some as he did not have a very good outing at the Senior Bowl just a couple of months ago. The week of practice leading up to the game didn't go very well for the LSU Tackle either as you can see in the picture to the right.

Below, we'll take a look at some of Black's highlights. At the bottom I will project where I think Black could find his name being called here in a couple weeks.


 Here are a few highlights of Black's. As you can see, he has some work to do and does have flaws but overall is a good player. He may end up being a project player for starters.



  • 2006 Freshman All-American
  • 2006 Freshman All-SEC
  • 2007 Second Team All-SEC
  • 2008 Second Team All-SEC
  • 2009 Second Team All-SEC




Black relied alot on pure strength more than any other tangible quality he had. His lateral movement was suspect at times, but there was a reason he was one of the best tackles in a very strong conference. That reason is intellegence and understanding of the game. He potentially could struggle against some of the top speed rushers at the next level because he doesn't exactly have good speed or recovery. He will have to rely more on his mind and technique than what he was blessed with physically. The good news for Black is that some players that currently start in the NFL possess some of the same tangibles and intangibles and have found success. Black measured in at 6'4" and weighed 327 LBS at the Combine.

Possibilities -- Round 4: Picks 115-131. Round 5: Picks 132-169.