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Golden Nuggets: Can't stop won't stop.

Messing up, that is... Morning folks. So I went ahead and made a fool of myself yesterday. I knew as soon as I saw the email from Fooch that there was going to be a couple comments in there, probably one from LondonNiner, I'm sure he had a good chuckle back at the uh.. pub. Anyway, *hopefully* this edition goes up on time and no errors are made by my part. I still say it's probably a conspiracy between Fooch and uh... someone else. But a conspiracy nonetheless. I never should have lost the cruiserweight ti-- darn those old episodes of WCW which I downl--... acquired. Just kidding, wrestling sucks. I really need to stop rambling, so on to 49ers related things. Everything is quiet, but I still have a few links for you, not a whole lot, but stop complaining you lot. Enjoy.

Barrows takes (another) look at the top ten prospects who are likely to land in San Francisco with their first round picks. (

Does Coach Singletary like Tim Tebow enough to advocate drafting him? My commentary: .... you can't see it but I just spit on my laptop's screen, I missed the name Tebow and got most of it on the word "enough" but you'd be able to tell that I was aiming for Tebow. (

Here's Sando's latest chat wrap, only one 49ers question is addressed, but you know, a good read regardless. (

A look at my favorite safety in the draft: Earl Thomas. I say he's my favorite because I don't even want to think of Eric Berry, he's too good. That's what I did for Aaron Curry, when he went to a division rival, I didn't cringe. And what happened? He ended up sucking hard. (

A judge recently cleared the way for the 49ers Santa Clara stadium vote, by dismissing two lawsuits against the measure. (

A look at some of the potential future 49ers from someone other than the usual cast. (

I didn't read this, I tend to not read his articles when they start out with that... that.... particular brand of attitude of his, but it seems to be about the 49ers (and the Raiders) quarterback situation. (

A look at the NFC West draft picks since 2000 who have ended up as pro bowlers. (

Not the most well put-together article, but a look at some of the 49ers holes and potential... hole fillers. (

Over at the latest community mock draft at our resident Rams blog we (the much-hated 49ers) picked... DE Derrick Morgan. I'd love to have him on the team, but not so sure right there. (

Apparently John Skelton visited with the 49ers. There's a uh.. name I've never heard. (

So how about Bulger in Arizona? That would be... something. (