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49ers-Seahawks 2010 Week 1 Opening Line: The mystery that is Seattle

Although we currently sit just over four months away from the start of the 2010 NFL regular season, the odds makers have already released a variety of odds, including some preliminary odds on week 1 matchups. According to, the Las Vegas Hilton released odds on week 1. Next time I'm down there I'll check it out, but for now we'll take BetVega's word.

In a line that doesn't surprise me, the 49ers-Seahawks matchup at Qwest Field is a pick 'em. Why am I not surprised by this? Well, I honestly don't know how any of us can make much of a prediction about the Seahawks in 2010. More importantly for the 49ers most immediate concerns, week 1 is a big mystery as far as I am concerned. They've got a bunch of question marks, but they may have some big-time answers as well.

Although anything can happen in training camp, let's just assume the Seahawks will be relatively healthy heading into week 1. They've added some interesting talent to the team, both in a fantastic draft, and some intriguing trades. It may take a while for the team to gel, but we don't really know what to expect right out of the gate.

The other issue is new head coach Pete Carroll. He's struggled in his two prior head coaching jobs, so one would think the trend would continue. At the same time, he's coming off a very successful run at USC so he's certainly not lacking for confidence. Although he might revert to his Coach Fredo ways, who knows when that will happen. Maybe Carroll starts out strong before fading, or maybe he's actually going to be a good head coach this time around (hey, crazier things have happened).

At this point I do think the 49ers are still a better team than the Seattle Seahawks. However, I don't know how great a disparity there is between the two teams. I do think the 49ers can win the NFC West in 2010, and should probably be the favorites. The problem will be getting off to a good start with a schedule that doesn't do them many favors early on. I don't care who the Seahawks are rolling out, opening the season at Qwest Field is going to be a tricky proposition. I'm really quite curious to see how this line moves over the next four months. Injuries and the preseason will have a lot to say about that. It certainly can't get here soon enough.

Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010
8:30 p.m. ET - NBC
Minnesota Vikings 54 +175
New Orleans Saints -4 -200

Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010
1 p.m. ET
Carolina Panthers 41 +270
New York Giants -7 -330

1 p.m. ET
Miami Dolphins -2 1/2 -140
Buffalo Bills 38 1/2 +120

1 p.m. ET
Atlanta Falcons 42 +105
Pittsburgh Steelers -1 1/2 -125

1 p.m. ET
Detroit Lions 43 1/2 +270
Chicago Bears -7 -330

1 p.m. ET
Cincinnati Bengals 44 1/2 +230
New England Patriots -6 -270

1 p.m. ET
Cleveland Browns 37 1/2 +110
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2 -130

1 p.m. ET
Denver Broncos 42 1/2 +125
Jacksonville Jaguars -2 1/2 -145

1 p.m. ET
Indianapolis Colts -3 -160
Houston Texans 48 +140

1 p.m. ET
Oakland Raiders 42 +330
Tennessee Titans -8 -400

4:15 p.m. ET
Green Bay Packers 46 1/2 +105
Philadelphia Eagles -1 1/2 -125

4:15 p.m. ET
San Francisco 49ers 39 -110
Seattle Seahawks PICK -110

4:15 p.m. ET
Arizona Cardinals -3 -120 -175
St. Louis Rams 42 +155

8:20 p.m. ET - NBC
Dallas Cowboys -4 -200
Washington Redskins 44 +175

7 p.m. ET - ESPN
Baltimore Ravens 38 1/2 +125
New York Jets -3 +105 -145

10:15 p.m. ET - ESPN
San Diego Chargers -5 1/2 -260
Kansas City Chiefs 45 1/2 +220