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Golden Nuggets: Ok, nice draft, let's get to football.

Good morning everyone. The 49ers were among the teams to begin their minicamps yesterday which of course means links! Lots and lots of delicious links! Well actually, I have no idea just how many links there are, but you know. I like to lie to all of you. Anyway, I'm getting very pumped. It's silly, because we still have a long way to go until something significant happens as far as the roster is concerned as far as cuts go and the final 53, and we have a long time until preseason and the regular season begin. I'm just getting so anxious. The Seahawks are looking good, the Cardinals seem to be recovering decently, the Rams are... well they've figured out that you have to push together first before you can get out of those old finger traps. I'm already looking at player matchups before rosters are finalized. I swear if there wasn't playoff hockey to deter myself with I'd be going insane. Enjoy your Nuggets today.

So the team is impressed thus far with Ted Ginn the receiver as opposed to Ted Ginn the return specialist. I like the Ginn trade, I really do, but there is no way in [site decorum] that I even remotely get excited for Ginn as a receiver based on what the team itself says out of camp. (

The rookies spent the first part of the minicamp observing some of the veterans and learning how things go--good idea. (

Barrows has his rookie review from day one of the minicamp practices. (

Aaand Barber has his thoughts as well, though there is not many. (

BIG things are happening indeed. The 49ers added some hefty physical specimens this offseason. (

If I have to give him credit (because I do like the guy), Ginn is excited about a fresh start and is showing a lot of desire to play and do well. (

Michael Robinson provided wisdom for the 49ers rookie class. Robinson is a smart guy (good taste in music, too), I have to figure he'll be a coach someday, if not an analyst. (

Jarret Brown had a bad, bad day. It's not a sign of doom for the kid but man that sounded confidence-shattering. (

Here's a list of the 49ers rookies' jersey numbers. (

More rumors about the 49ers sharing a stadium with the Raiders. Here hang on.. let me show you what I think of that. ....Alright, I just spit on my screen right on the word "Raiders." (

Add yet another linebacker to Singletary's collection. (

Yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (