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Golden Nuggets: Where have all the links gone?

Morning everyone. We were scarce on the links yesterday, and we are again today. But it's to be expected, as the days go by I'll find it harder and harder to keep the introductions long enough to not look silly, but I'll keep at it. I mean, we didn't expect a Patrick Willis contract extension did we? The team does have quite a few players coming up on contracts that they'd like to extend... Beyond that right now we don't have anything immediately but I'll dig to try and find whatever I can get for you. So let's just get to what I DO have for you. Enjoy the links folks.

Dashon Goldson got his mom something pretty awesome for mother's day. Show off. (

The 49ers lost a life-long fan recently. Sad stuff. (

I just touch up on some of the things that happened for the 49ers this past week, in what is kind of my Nuggets post at my new blog, only it's weekly. (

Augh, that's it for now unless I'm completely blind.