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Golden Nuggets: Yes, links!

Morning, folks. The past couple days have been scarce as far as links go but glory, glory, I've got some. I'm also going to add a few things to the Nuggets to make them a bit more fleshed out. I figure it'd be good to let you guys know what is coming up each day on Niners Nation, so whenever I know what's going on I'm going to post about the day's lineup we have on the front page. So that's good. As far as things pertaining to the 49ers, we actually have some things to read about today, things are coming out about TE Vernon Davis and things of that nature. I really hope the team gets to extend the guy, and I'm not relieved to see that he wants to stay a 49er for a long time, or at least puts on that facade. After Davis I'll be interested to see what goes down with Aubrayo Franklin and Dashon Goldson--I have a feeling the team will be without Goldson some time soon, I feel like he's a money kind of guy. Either way, let's get to some links.

The 49ers are now actively talking with Vernon Davis and his agent to work out a long term contract extension. If they get it done this offseason, I love this front office. I love how the 49ers are actually getting coverage now, they are talking about Willis and Davis on NFL Network. Yaay. Wyche is saying that the talks have been going on for weeks, that nothing is imminent, but both sides expect it to be done before the season. (

Comparing Vernon Davis to other tight ends in the NFL, a look at the contracts. (

Were the 49ers too jumpy in moving up to draft Anthony Davis at pick 11? I really don't think so. (

Maiocco isn't sure how he's going to vote on the whole Brian Cushing re-vote. I'm not sure how I would, either. (

Could the team be looking to save some money in their secondary? (

Here is Sando's latest mailbag post. Always a good read. (

The time has been set for the 49ers preseason games. Man, I'm getting really frustrated with Barber of the Press Democrat... not like, he's bad or anything, but I just hate how all he does is post links that nobody cares about. ...If any of you make one comment about my Golden Nuggets post I'll cry.. a lot. (

The 49ers stadium plan is all about money, virtually nothing else really matters to the voters, the team, and the city. (

Lynch looks at the 49ers first round draft busts. (

This article claims to be a 2010 49ers Season Preview, but I don't really have the time to read it currently. (

story about the 49ers wide receivers coach, Jerry Sullivan. (

Iupati honors his Samoan heritage. (

And now--some more stuff!

Yesterday on Niners Nation: We of course had our story on the Vernon Davis contract talks, we had urnext's post, containing random snippets from around the NFL, Smileyman's latest "Where are they now?" feature, Fooch's post on the 2010 rookie salary pool, my Nuggets, and an interesting, personal post from Smileyman.

Today on Niners Nation (All times pacific, could possibly move around a little bit, not frequently)

7:00 AM - In the morning, we'll have a look at the Brian Cushing situation and the re-vote taking place for defensive rookie of the year.

10:30 AM - I begin my slew of front page dominance at Niners Nation with a feature called "49ers Profiles", where I take a look at every player currently under contract by the 49ers--it's the beginning of me getting more posting time here, and the first one is about C Eric Heitmann.

1:00 PM - Fooch has a post about Arthur Blank's comments on intelligence and drafting college graduates.

3:00 PM - At this point, Fooch has a post going up about the 49ers stadium voting--which takes place in June but registration to vote on the measure ends on May 24th.

49ers Tweet Of The Day: "We got plenty of time y'all I'll sign an extension soon I'm sure don't worry I'm in 100%" by TE Vernon Davis. His Twitter is here.