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Golden Nuggets: I'd get banned from Twitter if I was a player, probably.

Morning folks. Ninjames here--I'm glad to see a portion of you enjoyed the changes I made to the Nuggets yesterday, and where applicable, I'll continue to do those things. Maybe I'll find a "lol" article of the day that's football related. Unsure yet. Maybe I'll get to a point where I'm linking waaay more, but we'll see. Either way, I've got some new links for you today--not a ton, but enough to make the jump, which is always nice. Should be getting these up on time, but if I don't (I currently am looking at about fifteen minutes in which to put these Nuggets together), then I apologize in advance. In fact, I may just apologize in my signature because I do it so often--but hey, the links are on me, ya know? Anyway, here's the aforementioned links, I'll shut up. Enjoy, folks.

The 49ers made the signing of CB Will James official. I like the signing, he's coming off a career year and may be able to contribute. Maybe. (

Dre Bly and Walt Harris probably won't be back as 49ers, as per the recent signing--not to mention their numbers have been given out already. (

Maiocco takes a look at the 49ers and their contracts, their contract strategy and things of that nature. (

Davis and Dockett did some Twitter trash talking yesterday--Fooch has a post about it later but yeah. (

Jerry Rice's presenter into the NFL Hall of Fame will be Eddie DeBartolo. Was there any doubt? (

Sando is of the opinion that Frank Gore is overvalued in fantasy projections this season. I wonder if he watched the 49ers draft--or was he too busy fawning over the 'Hawks? (

Here's his latest mailbag post, though. It's always a good read, and I mostly joke about Sando--I don't think there was bias in the above article but I do hate it when the Seahawks bias shows. (

A Santa Clara tax hike is likely to get... a warm reception. Awesome. (

A look at who made the biggest impact to their team via trades this offseason. Obviously not the 49ers... until Ginn takes a TD to the house, and the 'Hawks realize that Whitehurst is, in fact, an awful quarterback. (

The 49ers didn't get a whole lot of fantasty football respect from this list, but we got some. I'm OK with it. (

Yesterday on Niners Nation Yesterday we began with the Nuggets, which of course is your favorite thing on Niners Nation, Fooch's post on the Brian Cushing situation, a discussion about comments made by Arthur Blank, a short discussion on the official signing of Will James, Fooch's reminder to vote or be square on the stadium measure, and the sexiest grill known to man. Food prepared in that grill will be at least 38% more delicious than food made in other grills.

Today on Niners Nation (All times pacific and possibly maybe subject to change. Maybe. Possibly. Not likely)

7:00 AM - Fooch has his look at the Twitter battle between Darnell Docket and Vernon Davis. I'll likely weigh in when it goes up.

11:00 AM - We may or may not have a post from Smileyman at eleven. Fooch told me I didn't have to put anything about it in here, but I like being recalcitrant. Update: Smileyman's post pertains to high school football rivalries, likely stemming from the recent bit about them that the NFL Network has been running/advertising. Should be good.

2:00 PM - Another post from Fooch, concerning a quote from Jimmy Raye about Alex Smith and his confidence.

49ers Tweet of the Day "@ddockett last time I checked I was standing over top of #24 with a football stuck to my glove and believe we were in the endzone" by Vernon Davis, who's Twitter is here. The guy has won this two days in a row.

Yesterday's Best Comment "he'll be alright though, he's from the hood" by DreZ, in reference to Dre Bly likely being out. I'm just finding more random things to throw in here--because I can. Earn your name in the Nuggets, bahaha. For my amusement.