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Golden Nuggets: Rambling is hard.

Goood morning everyone. Ninjames here, coming at you on time with your Nuggets... last time I said that they went up at 11 AM... so uh.. yeah, I'm going to find some wood to knock on. I'm not sure I have as many links for you today as I did yesterday but we'll see what I can come up with. I'm sure I've got more contract talks, I'll have what's going on with Niners Nation today, I've got an article from my blog, and um... well, not sure what all I have for you. I still maintain the hardest thing I ever have to do with 49ers writing is figuring out just how to ramble on and force this text around the picture on the right, here. Either way, I'll say it here too: if there's anything you can suggest about making the Nuggets better each day, let me know. I want this to be definitive.

Maiocco breaks down the contracts of the 49ers, namely those that are coming to an end soon. (

He (Maiocco) also voted against Brian Cushing in the re-vote for DROTY. I would have voted for him again.. I think, but he makes some good points. (

Here's my post that I spent a criminally small amount of time on, it's about Vernon Davis and why he'll be making less money in his new contract when he gets it by playing for us instead of hitting free agency. (

The 49ers say they're getting ripped. Awesome, just make sure they don't get ripped to the point of having no cardio. (

Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis will likely be week one starters, despite whatever Singletary says now about battling. (

The future of the 49ers cornerbacks. I still say Brown can be a starter for us.(

Sando has a post about predicting the NFC West but I've yet to read it as I stay away from generated things of the sort. (

Lynch has nothing else to write about so he's going with the 49ers best second round draft picks. (

I reported this yesterday... but ya know. Eddie D will be presenting for Jerry Rice at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. (

Joe Staley is back with Random Thoughts From a Big Guy. I love it. (

Darnell Dockett says that we've got some players on the Niners that are going to be disrespectful. Perish the thought! (

Yesterday On Niners Nation The Nuggets kicked things off, as usual, Fooch highlighted the Twitter smack talkbetween Davis and Dockett, Smileyman had a good post about high school football rivalries, and Fooch examines a quote by Jimmy Raye about Alex Smith. 

Today On Niners Nation (Times as usual are Pacific and could possibly change)

7:00 AM - From what I understand, Drummer has a post going up about Frank Gore. I don't see it scheduled yet, so we'll see if it happens.

11:00 AM - I post my second 49ers profiles post and highlight LB Ahmad Brooks. The first one was on Eric Heitmann.

2:00 PM to ??? - At some point, I believe Fooch will try and get something else up. Or maybe Smileyman will, and if not, I'll hop on and post something. But no worries, there should be something after my 11 AM post, just unsure of when exactly.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "I done the tortada commercial on the cashier at taco bell and he look at me. Like what are u talking about lol" from Patrick Willis. His Twitter is here. I want to see this. Now.

Yesterday's Best Comment "pom poms" by thedly, correcting a typo from another user. thedly did what many of us thought about doing, but thought better of our masculinity than to make such a correction. Of course we don't know how it's spelled... right guys? Right? Who's up for building a log cabin and wrestling bears? Man stuff.