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Golden Nuggets: So tired

Good morning everyone. Ninjames here, all that good stuff. I'm half asleep and groggy, so if I have more grammatic and spelling errors than usual... well shut up. Though I do believe I have a few links for you today, more so than yesterday, then again yesterday is a blur right now. We've got some talks about Vernon Davis and his pending extension, more talks about the Twitter battle, which I love, and just a variety of articles from the usual suspects. The comment of the day thing is going swell in the Nuggets--vie for it, folks! I think I'll keep track of who wins it and how many times. That would be something. And no, I will not give myself the comment of the day, even if I totally deserved it the last two days. Here's some links you lazy lot. Enjoy.

Davis is pretty chill about his contract extension and getting it done. That's cool, the guy seems really dedicated and focused. I like it. (

Here is Maiocco's latest chat transcript. Some of these questions are hilarious. (

It's sink or swim, do or die for the 2008 draft class. I really don't think Balmer will be anything special and seems to have huge injury concerned. I had high hopes for Reggie Smith at one point but I'm not feeling it anymore. This year will be Morgan's year though. Chilo should be good, too. (

Docket clears some things up about his thoughts concerning the 49ers. (

Mourning the loss of Niner Jan, an article from Maiocco. (

Love the tough talk for Sando in his NFC Stock Watch. (

An article about Vernon Davis and his passion for art. Good read, for sure. (

I haven't read this year but it's called Important Pieces and has a picture of Vernon Davis... do the math. (

The stadium hotel tax has been OK'd. Cool. (

Thoughts on trading for Merriman? I posted my thoughts in a comment on this article. (

Draft picks that changed the Niners. I'm not buying this article, I'm really not. Just some random names thrown in there that shouldn't be, but still a good read. (

The Niners announced their 2010 Family Day Event. I'm definitely going, got six tickets. (

An article about Jed York and some sort of fund raiser, I can't read this stuff. (

Yesterday On Niners Nation Well, the day was kicked off by the best article ever, my Nuggets, Drummer had a post about the awesome Frank Gore, I continued being awesome with my profile of Ahmad Brooks,  Fooch had a post about the 49ers family day, and in a fanpost we talked about a Niners Nation Madden tourney--I know it wasn't front page but in case you don't see it and are interested, check it out.

Today On Niners Nation

7:00 AM - Howie has his latest Year by Year post... which I believe is none other than 2009.

10:00 AM - Fooch has his sponsored Sprint Game Changer post, which appears to be about S Taylor Mays.

1:00 PM - It looks like we have a post about fantasy football and Frank Gore going up at one, I hadn't heard of it but it's showing up on the dashboard.

4:00 or 5:00 PM - I believe Smileyman has a Friday Night Fun post, maybe not. We'll see.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "lebron look like he has nasty skin" from Dashon Goldson, who's Twitter is here. Indeed. 

Yesterday's Best Comment "btw. I love that picture of Brooks. The guy totally looks like a "G". from grantmp... Indeed. A 'G' fo sho.