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Golden Nuggets: A bunch of art. And stuff.

Morning, folks! Ninjames here with some Nuggets o' Gold for ya. If you look past the jump, I'm continuing to try and add things to the Nuggets to make them more expansive and better. Thanks to Tre9er for the suggestion of posting Twitter news from some of the local beat writers, I think it adds another touch. I've also added a Rival Blog Buzz, I've always kind of linked our divisional rivals blogs here in the Nuggets, now I'm just going to have one section where I link to random front page posts over there so you can differentiate--if you're interested in our rivals, I highly recommend them, they're all great blogs. Anyway, I've got some 49ers links for you (I think) so I'm going to get to them and stop my rambling. Enjoy, folks.

Lynch weighs in on Michael Robinson, a player I hope stays around. I don't quite agree with him as far as his offense-based argument goes, but he is invaluable to special teams. I also love how everyone in the comments there completely undervalues special teams. (

Barber talks a lot more about Davis' art foundation and another foundation that Josh Morgan was supporting. (

Next week the 49ers will hold their first OTAs in which the entire team is eligible to participate. (

Our first round picks do indeed have a lot of work to do in 2010. They should start immediately, after all. (Examiner.comm)

Josh Morgan had some nice things to say about Alex Smith. I really hope Smith has a good year.. I really hope he makes me like him again. (

Barrows has more on Davis and his art as well. (

Here's Sando's latest mailbag post, as always, a decent read. (

Vernon Davis is getting some fantasy respect... I'd have him as the number one tight end, though. (

Once again, another look at the Davis vs Docket Twitter battle. (

The 49ers are doing well with their offseason conditioning program. Courtesy of Duane Carlisle. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup The idea here is to just post tweets from the beat writers that answer questions, that they didn't elaborate on in their articles. Not necessarily need-to-know stuff, but more opinions.

Barrows: No. He doesn't want appear too eager. @Russo49 Matt does it sound like Vernon wants to test the FA market rather than sign an extension?

Barrows: They're covered by a standard insurance policy. @aasifshabbir how do rookies participate in mini camps without a contract in place? Rrisky? 

Barber: RT @gabrielmury: @Skinny_Post Maybe Urban Meyer's words (re: Alex Smith) were more accurate than we thought? >> I thought of that as well. 

Barber: Another endorsement for 49ers winning NFC West: NFL Network's La Canfora: 

Rival Blog Buzz At Revenge of the Birds, Andrew's latest Football 101 post examines knee injuries, I definitely agree with VanRam's sentiments about James Laurinaitis over at Turf Show Times, I wouldn't have voted for him but he definitely was very good and can be their cornerstone on D, and John Morgan of Field Gulls takes a look at Seattle's secondary. Anybody see their little tagline over there? "Ready to shake San Francisco's confidence in Alex Smith." We shall see.

Yesterday On Niners Nation The Nuggets kicked us off, howtheyscored had the 2009 edition of his 49ers Year by Year post, Fooch's game changer post about Taylor Mays, we had a post about fantasy football and Frank Gore, and Smileyman's Friday Night Fun post. 

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific, subject to change, etc)

7:00 AM - I have another player profile post, this one likely being about Michael Lewis.

11:00 AM - I'm supposed to have a Saturday Swing around SBNation post at this point, or at least I told Fooch I would--but it's all about whether or not my alarm decides to work. Still, it should get done no problem.

2:00 PM - From what I hear, Drew K has one of his college position posts going up--always a good read so be around!

49ers Tweet Of The Day "I went golfin today and shot a damn 87...I three-putted 4 holes...jus killed the scorecard" from Nate Clements, whose Twitter is here. I bet he could beat Romo.

Yesterday's Best Comment "I love the Nuggets, and I love Ninnyjim. We only pretend to jostle. He's ace." from LondonNiner. Well said, mate. LondonNiner begins his best comment award DYNASTY and sets up for multiple wins in a row with this comment.