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Golden Nuggets: So it begins.

Morning, all. Ninjames here, I still have not slept since Thursday night, so apologies if some spelling or grammatical errors appear in the Nuggets today. I'm starting these early and I really don't see that many links. So I'll wait around and hope there's more, but if not, I'll give what I can find and I'll dig for 'em.  I really think I only have one or two for you though, so apologies in advance and all that stuff.  I also have nothing to ramble about today, which is odd. To compensate, I'll spend some time maybe talking about each link if I'm able to. I just want there to be substance in each edition of the Nuggets you read. I'll just get to what I can find, enjoy, folks.

This is a make or break year for Alex Smith... kind of seems like we've already said that before. Still, this is it for me, and I'm sure plenty of others. Smith hasn't been in a better position to succeed than he is now--let's see what he can do. (

Here's the latest 49ers Team Report from Yahoo, always a good read, a nice, general update on the state of the team presently. (

Frank Gore--getting some fantasy football respect... even if it is from a Niners fan. I still don't draft 49ers players as a general rule. Just like I also don't bet on the 49ers as a rule. (

A look at the 49ers depth chart--I didn't read this yet. I'll admit it. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup Even the tweeting was at a minimum, only one actual 49ers-related question.

Barber: RT @ED49ERS: @Skinny_Post. I heard VD doesn't think he's next priority for niners. Is that true? >> No, he said it doesn't matter either way  

Rival Blog Buzz Over at Turf Show Times they highlighted the past week in Rams news, at Field Gulls they took a look at a recent signee and even mention my favorite 49er, probably all time, Jeff Ulbrich,  and their game changer post over at Revenge of the Birds, which focuses on the trade of Anquan Boldin. 

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked things off with my Nuggets, then I had a profile post on Michael Lewis, and after that I posted a Saturday Swing Around SB Nation, and then Drew had his college position post in the afternoon, focusing on the wide receiver position. 

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific, subject to change, etc)

7:00 AM - Unsure of what was supposed to go up, I put together a post looking back a year ago on the decision to sign Jimmy Raye as the offensive coordinator.

11:00 AM - I'm going to try and wake up in time to put together another 49ers profile post for you, though I'm not sure who it will be about at this point.

2:00 PM - Usually we have something, we'll see. Sorry for the lack of information guys, Fooch is just getting back real soon and things got kind of foggy as to today, but I'll stay up and make sure we have some things going up. Update: Smileyman should have something for the afternoon, somewhere around 2-4.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "working on a few ideas for tko tv Season 2 any special requests?" by Takeo Spikes. The reason this is the tweet of the day? So you can all see it and go make suggestions now because TKO TV is awesome. His twitter is here.

Yesterday's Best Comment "EA SPORTS" by brundylop in reference to "it's in the game." I seriously lost it. Awesome. Have a good one, folks.