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I Love to Hate You

It's been several weeks since the 2010 NFL draft, but Tebowmania just keeps going on.  Since the draft, no NFL jersey has been more popular than the #15 Tim Tebow jersey.  Donovan McNabb's #5 Washington jersey was number 2.  In fact, not only is he leading everyone in jersey sales, but it's been the best selling rookie jersey since they started keeping track in 2006.  Now if stores really wanted to start getting creative, they should place clipboards for sale right next to Tebow's jersey so fans can complete the look.

So is the popularity of Tebow good news for Josh McDaniels?  There's little doubt that their two futures are now tied together.  The question is will Tebow be for McDaniels what McNabb was for Andy Reid, or will he be more like what Alex Smith was for Mike Nolan?  Even if Smith turns into a solid QB, he didn't do it fast enough to help save Nolan's job.  Now some people might be thinking, McDaniels is only in his second year.  There's no way his job is in danger.  And normally they'd be right.  But McDaniels didn't take over a floundering franchise in need of a new identity.  He took over from one of the most successful coaches of all time, Mike Shanahan.  The Boncos didn't give Shanahan the boot simply so McDaniels could lead them to 8-8 mediocrity.  He got rid of Jay Cutler.  He got rid of Brandon Marshall.  He got rid of everyone that thought he was bigger than the team.  It's obvious he's trying to do in Denver what Bill Belichick has done in New England.  Or at the very least he wants the Broncos to be China to the Patriots collapsing Soviet Union.  But what's important is that this is now his team and the time to win is also now.

Conventional wisdom says that Kyle Orton should be the starter for the next 1-2 years giving Tebow a chance to ease into the role.  All of that is bad news for Brady Quinn who was hoping to get a fresh start in Denver.  But how enamored can McDaniels really be with Orton?  After leading the Broncos to a blistering 6-0 start last season, Orton started to put up numbers that were very similar to....well Jay Cutler.  A repeat 8-8 performance probably gets McDaniels fired.  So don't be too surprised if the reins are handed over to Quinn and Orton is traded for whatever they can get.  Orton is at least better than anything the Bills have.  But whoever ends up being the eventual starter they better get it done, or we might end up seeing Tebow playing sooner rather than later, and thus replacing Brett Favre as the QB we just love to hate. 

For some great quotes and odd news, continue after the jump.

Great Quotes

Florida Congressman Tom Rooney, grandson of Steelers founder Art Rooney, said when asked who his favorite team was, "The Steelers, I have no choice.  But our quarterback is still and idiot."

Steelers WR Hines Ward said he'd retire if he won a 3rd SB ring, "I don't want to be like Brett Favre.  I don't want to be like Old Yeller, when they take you behind the barn and shoot you."

SI's Joe Ponanski said of the Chiefs using the 5th pick on Eric Berry, "Taking a safety with the 5th pick seems a bit like using one of your three genie wishes to get sensible shoes."

And finally, because it's still the best quote of all time.  Dallas Cowboys linebacker Thomas Henderson said of Terry Bradshaw, "Terry Bradshaw couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the c and the t."

Quick News Hits

The AP re-voted not to strip Brian Cushing of his Defensive Rookie of the Year award, but still no word on if all his tackles and sacks will have an asterisk next to them in the record book.

Donovan McNabb apologized for not winning a SB in Philadelphia but the apology did nothing to calm the police who are still planing to taze McNabb once he runs onto Lincoln Financial Field.

JaMarcus Russell, one of the biggest busts of all time, is still without a new home, but it's not all bad news.  Nutrisystem just fired Lawrence Taylor so at least Russell has a new sponser he can sign up with.

Darnell Dockett took a shower on Ustream after someone bet him $1,000 he wouldn't through his twitter account.  Eventually word came out that it was Bill Belichick who made the bet because he was trying to find new ways to secretly tape players. 

Albert Haynesworth is still a no-show to the Redskins voluntary off season workouts because he's upset about the switch to the 3-4 defense which he feels will hurt his numbers.  The no-show struck me as odd since there's no "I" in Albert Haynesworth.