Niners Nation Community Preseason Forecast Guide

Hello, all! Are you decent at writing? Do you know teams other than the Niners? Are you ridiculously bored at all times? I've the the solution for you! ...Ok, sorry about that. Anyway, I'm putting together a preseason guide, covering all 32 NFL teams, and as opposed to me (and a couple other writers here) doing all of it, Fooch had a great suggestion. Much like the community mock draft he and Drew organized, I was going to open this up to anybody who is interested to sign up, take a team, write under the guidelines I provide, and get in this PDF guide. It will be somewhere between 35-45 pages, with each team getting one page, a title page, a page with everyone who helped out, and some other random stories we'll be putting together for it to make it feel "full."

Things I need for each team would include a draft recap, key additions and losses, a projected depth chart, a short quote to sum up the team and the big thing: a body of text covering the teams offense, defense, special teams and coaching.

I'd like them to be as in depth as possible, but not everyone here is a writer. This will be pretty comprehensive. I'll link you to a screen shot of what one page of the guide will look like. Note, you won't be plugging in the information, Fooch will be providing me your email and we will communicate from there and I will plug in what you've put together and give you proper credit. If you do not want Fooch to provide me with your email, let me know in the comments and you can email me with another email address at

Screenshot 1.

The timeline I'm looking at for this isn't set, it's just "asap" right now. I'd like to have it all done with submissions in no more than two weeks, but I'm flexible. I figure I'll give you all plenty of time to do your research, the other SB Nation blogs can be a wealthy source of information and you can find all of them here. I'd like this to be accurate, if this goes well we can make all kinds of guides, maybe show them off a little bit. This guide is heavily based off of USA Today's NFL Preseason Forecast guide, the template I use is based off of it that myself and a friend built using Adobe InDesign. So here's the teams..

Arizona Cardinals - Ninjames
Atlanta Falcons -
Baltimore Ravens -
Buffalo Bills - Andrew Davidson (emailed)
Carolina Panthers -
Chicago Bears -
Cincinnati Bengals -
Cleveland Browns -
Dallas Cowboys -
Denver Broncos - London_9er (emailed)
Detroit Lions - Tre9er (emailed)
Green Bay Packers - shlecko
Houston Texans -
Indianapolis Colts -
Jacksonville Jaguars -
Kansas City Chiefs - jbrown63 (emailed)
Miami Dolphins - smileyman (emailed)
Minnesota Vikings -
New England Patriots -
New Orleans Saints - thewhizkid (emailed)
New York Giants -
New York Jets -
Oakland Raiders -
Philadelphia Eagles -
Pittsburgh Steelers -
St. Louis Rams - Primetime87 (emailed)
San Diego Chargers -
San Francisco 49ers - Drew K (emailed)
Seattle Seahawks -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
Tennessee Titans - tanos135 (emailed)
Washington Redskins -

Let us know in the comments which team you'd like. A couple more things: I will be emailing you if you don't provide another email by firing off one to me about exactly what I need and how it should look, so don't get started right away until you hear from me. Lastly, content will be edited by myself, Smileyman and Drew K. Nothing major, but for the finished guide we need quality control on things like grammar. We won't change your message, just keeping an eye on things. Every team that doesn't get picked up will likely be done by myself, Smileyman and Drew K.

Soo.. signup!

Update: I've dispatched the first batch of emails. Good luck, guys! (5/19, 5:27 AM PST )
Update: I've dispatched the second batch of emails. Good luck, guys! (5/20, 2:33 PM PST)

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