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Golden Nuggets: Let the signings begin.

Morning everyone, Ninjames here. I'm going to start off by endorsing this project I'm doing at Niners Nation in which I'd like to get more people in the community involved, so go to the fanpost here and check it out. Aside from that, we actually had some 49ers news yesterday what with the full team OTAs. Full team is a misnomer because there were a few 49ers who didn't attend, but it is, after all, voluntary. So yesterday we had a signing, we had a press conference, all kinds of good stuff, and as far as Niners Nation related stuff, we had some debating going on at the Cardinals blog, it was fun but I like 'em a little dirtier than that. But it was still good, we only had one or two guys get kind of "whaat?" and likewise for them. Let's hope we get a trash talkin' thread at some point. Enjoy your links for today.

I'm not sure the practices were 'defined' by absences, but there were more than a couple players who didn't show up. Still, good to hear that Singletary is in contact with all of them, save for Manny Lawson. (

The majority of missing players were on the defensive side of the ball, which I suppose is where the team is most stable. (

The team signed 7th round draft pick Phillip Adams to a four year contract. Let the signings begin! (

Here is Maiocco's day one report from the practices. (

As stated, Singletary has been in contact with most of the missing players, but Manny Lawson was not one of them. (

Samuel Lam put together a good article on the first day as well. (

The wide receivers have the advantage in the OTAs over the defensive backs, or at the very least they're supposed to. (

Sando takes a look at NFC West running backs. (

Here are Barrows' observations from yesterday's practices. (

Let's get Lynch in the mix, he has a fairly good article with his own looks. (

Smith controlled the opening of OTAs, and looked sharp doing so. (

Yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My explanation in parenthesis after each tweet)

Maiocco: I'm sure he'd rather sign long-term deal than his 1-year tender. RT @global_9erfan What would be Franklin's motive in not signing his 7 mil? (Pretty self explanatory, this one.)

Barber: RT @ninnyjams: @Skinny_Post So nothing concrete, just speculation about Spencer contract? >> Yeah, think I made a bad assumption on that one (Clearing up comments he made about Spencer probably having contractual issues)

Maiocco: Per NFL rules, the pads do not go on until training camp. RT @huli8319ers when's the 1st full-contact practice? (Just clarifying something for all of you.)

Rival Blog Buzz At Turf Show Times, they examine Bobby Carpenter and what it will take for him to succeed as a Ram, and the Cardinals blog hosted our little discussion between fanbases.

Yesterday On Niners Nation I started off with the Golden Nuggets, and I also posted this fanpost about a preseason guide, Fooch examined the possible impact of Manny Lawson's absence from OTas, Smileyman had his latest "Where are they now?" post, urnext had his general post, Fooch covered the signing of Phillip Adams, and then he wraps up the first day of OTAs with a transcript from Mike Singletary.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific.. yep)

7:00 AM - Fooch has a post examining momentum between seasons and whether or not it truly has an affect on the teams' win-loss record.

11:00 AM - The aforementioned Q&A with the Saints blogger was bumped from yesterday to this time slot.

2:00 PM - I'll have another 49ers profile post going up at this point, but I'm unsure of which one I'll be finishing so... it's a surprise, or something.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "Its so quiet in here...I heard someone pass gas now everybody lookin around tryin to figure out who it was" from Nate Clements whose Twitter is here. So that's why he wasn't IN OTas... dude's got gas.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Goats have a wicked kick on them...but Hot Tubs can give you wicked diseases…tough matchup" by Tre9er. I'll have you guys know two things, though. One: that post was on ROTB in the discussion thread so it wasn't technically a NN post. And two: Tre was harassing me on Twitter to give this obviously prestigious honor to him today. So he's a cheater. A dirty cheater, and probably proud of him. I suppose I am, too. He's got moxie.