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Swing around the NFC West: Seattle Seahawks edition

As we have added more and more content to the site, a key addition (in my mind) has been content about 49ers opponents. It's my belief that the more we know about the 49ers opponents each season, the better we can understand each game once the regular season begins. I think it adds something to the viewing experience when you actually know a lot about the other team. Call me crazy.

In the past we've done quick swings around the division specifically, and I wanted to bring something like that back on a semi-irregular basis. A particular post could be about all the teams in the division, or more specific as this one is. It won't be happening every week, but more as important news comes along. For today, I thought we'd look at some of the headlines about the Seattle Seahawks, who have had a busy few days.

Leroy Hill
The biggest news for the Seahawks is the continued legal troubles (and eventual league troubles) of outside linebacker Leroy Hill. Hill had a rough 2009 season with a big groin injury that really hampered any chance of a particular great season. While he did make it back to the field of play, he was one of many big injury concerns for the Seahawks.

However, this offseason has seen Hill's legal troubles mount. In early April, he pled guilty to marijuana possession and received 12 months probation. While that generally wouldn't seem like too big a deal, a week and a half after the plea, Hill was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Upon news of this issue, the Seahawks told Hill to stay home from their various minicamps and OTAs.

The NFL is considering whether to suspend Hill for his various legal troubles, and if so, for how long. PFT is reporting that if the league were to suspend him, the Seahawks would be able to void the huge contract he signed before last season. There's no word on whether the Seahawks would definitely void the contract, but it would at the very least be an interesting piece of leverage for them if they wanted to renegotiate the deal. Either way, the team is keeping Hill away from practice because if he were to injure himself in practice the salary for 2010 becomes a guaranteed $6 million. I'd imagine he'd be on the practice field once the suspension is figured out, assuming the Seahawks hadn't cut him by then.

This story could get even more interesting because Hill might have his marijuana-related probation revoked by Georgia officials because of the domestic violence issue. Whatever the case might be, it doesn't look like we'll see Hill in the lineup come the beginning of the regular season. Who knows whether that's because of suspension, jail, having his contract voided, or some combination of the above. But given that he's been a starter for the Seahawks, this is certainly not a good thing (where else can you get such insightful analysis?)

One of the former stars of the United Football League signed a one year deal with the Seahawks for $630,000. While Losman was solid in the UFL, he'll be battlign Mike Teel for the third string QB position. Given the deal to add Whitehurst this offseason, and one would think there's not much to this. However, if Hasselbeck gets hurt again, there's no way to know if Charlie Whitehurst will be able to step up for the Seahawks. The team is probably hoping he can, but who really knows at this point. I'd imagine if Whitehurst ended up in the lineup he'd get every chance possible to succeed, but you never can tell.

Marcus Maxwell
For folks wondering where this former 49er practice squad member and fan favorite went, Maxwell signed with the Seahawks yesterday. Maxwell was very productive in NFL Europe, but it never translated to the NFL, where he bounced around practice squads. I was a fan of Maxwell thanks pretty much entirely to his NFL Europe performances. I can't imagine Maxwell will make much of an impact in Seattle, but I'll probably keep an eye on him given my past interest.

One final link is from Field Gulls, our Seahawks blog. Head coach Pete Carroll and linebacker Aaron Curry made an appearance on a local radio and had plenty to say about the current state of the Seahawks.