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Golden Nuggets: Observing observations

Morning, all. We have links! Glorious, glorious links. But before I get to them, I wanted to link to the fanpost Fooch put up about a Niners Nation day at one of the 49ers home games this season, go in and weigh in if you have plans to attend... do not vote unless you're going to go. I also want to link to my community preseason guide, which I will be dispatching emails for later on tonight, so go get signed up. The 49ers had their second day of OTAs and the group looked decidedly better in comparison to yesterday. I like the fact that Jason Hill looked sharp, I've got a soft spot for that guy, and I feel like all-around, he is a better receiver than Brandon Jones. It just has to come together. Let's get to your linkage!

There's some factual errors in this article, but it's nice to see that people really see the 49ers succeeding this coming season. (

Barrows has his observations from yesterday's OTAs. As I said, I'm really glad Jason Hill had a good day. The kid needs to get in good with the coaches and keep his mouth closed, and he'll be fine. (

There have been some changes to Alex Smith's playbook on gamedays... In that, he actually has a full one, protection adjustments and all. (

Smith was sharp, barking orders at everyone present and overall taking charge. Like Morgan said awhile back, he looked like a whole different quarterback. (

The continuity has this offense feeling good and confident, as opposed to having 80 players learning an entire offense in one offseason, about 55 of them already know it. That has to be doing wonders. (

David Baas, last seasons left guard, has been taking reps at the backup center position. A few other players have, but I think it's a good place for Baas. Last season he at least showed he can be serviceable, if inconsistent--I think he's a much better option for the final 53-man roster than Tony Wragge. (

Here are Phil Barber's notes from day two of the practices. (

And here are Samuel Lam's notes of said day two. (

This is the best start to a season that Alex Smith has ever had, there certainly is no more room for excuses if Smith under-performs in the coming season... Wait it out for a couple years and get Nick Montana, yeah? (

A look at the possibility of the 49ers franchise tagging Vernon Davis after this coming season--personally I don't see it happen. As he states, Davis seems to be the kind of player the 49ers will want to reward, and he wants to get the contract done. (

Kyle Williams is most definitely a player to watch in OTAs. I'm starting to like the pick a lot, stop me if you've heard that before. (

An article about Ted Ginn and what he's done (or really what he hasn't been able to do) so far in OTAs. (

This guy rates the quarterback position for each team around the league. I like how, as opposed to ranking Alex Smith based on what we've seen of him recently, all he talks about is the team not getting Donovan McNabb. Somebody has been copying off Peter King. (

Two 49ers made this list of players set to have a breakout fantasy football season in 2010. (

The 49ers are team set to make a turnaround next season. Good stuff. (

The rookies only solace going into training camp is that they aren't alone in their first-year endeavors. (

A very nice story about Patrick Willis and a dream come true for a young cancer patient. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My explanation in parenthesis after each tweet.)

Barber: Anyone wishing to reach out to the fam of Brandon Dale, who was at practice today, can call 49ers community relations dept at 408-562-4949. (The number for the family of the cancer patient whom Willis visited with yesterday.)

Maiocco: They're showing up each day and working. They are trying to earn a living. RT @tdm1103 how are Baas and Snyder taking likely "demotion"?  (True that.. the one thing I hate about replacing and cutting players.. I mean, I know they make plenty of money, but I know that Baas at least loves the game.)

Barrows: He looks very good. Have to imagine a full offseason is doing wonders for the Smith-C-tree rapport @da_Goat how is Crabtree doing thus far? (This can only get better for Crabtree, it seems.)

Barber: RT @tre_faaborg: @Skinny_Post No deep passes THROWN to Williams or hasn't caught the ones that were? >> Haven't seen any go his way  (Clarifying that the team is likely focusing on other receivers as far as the deep ball goes, I get the feeling Williams will be a "put the ball in his hands and watch him go" kind of guy, either way.)

Barber: RT @stoudiesr: @Skinny_Post How did Patrick Stoudamire look? another good day? >> He needs to get on the field more!  (I, and Drew I'd imagine, want to see Stoudamire on the field some more.)

Rival Blog Buzz Over at ROTB, Andrew examines the possibility of the Cardinals being a destination for recently released Patriots CB Shawn Springs, and examines NFL contracts and the pull players have on them, and how much they really mean in the scheme of things and it's all about injury news for the Rams at TST, 

Yesterday On Niners Nation We started, of course, with the Nuggets, Fooch examined momentum and how it carries (or doesn't carry) season to season, his Q&A session with our resident Saints blogger, I had another 49ers profile post, this one on Ted Ginn Jr, and Fooch posted a fanpost about a Niners Nation Day at the 'Stick

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific, possibility that they man change, all that good stuff.)

7:00 AM - Fooch has a post with a transcript from Jimmy Raye's press conference and a look at Alex Smith and his newfound confidence. 

11:00 AM - Smileyman has a post going up about the Tampa 2 defense.

1:00 PM - A post will go up about our division rival Seahawks as part of a new look Fooch will be giving our division rivals.

3:00 PM - Another look is taken at the Brian Cushing situation, the AP re-vote, and possible changes.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "so pissed... this bird really just tried to swipe my beats by dre clean off my head!!!" by Kyle Williams, whose Twitter is here. I've used Beats by Dre and, as an audiophile, I can say those are some pretty awesome headphones.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Your overt attempts at getting best comment are shameful and do you no credit. A plague be on your Twitter account. Arise Sir LondonNiner, keeper of the best comment mantle. You sir, you Tre9er, I do declare are a charlatan and a disgrace, sir!" I could not have said it better. Second comment of the day to you, LondonNiner. Good show, mate.