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Golden Nuggets: Prove him wrong, Mays.

Moooorning everyone. The 49ers have concluded their first rookie minicamp, and there's not a whole lot to report. A few of the rookies looked a little sloppy, a few of them looked good, and I'm unsure just what to think about them as a whole. I guess the only player I'm really paying attention to is Taylor Mays. To me, he could be the player to push us over the edge. The player that makes a difference in a win. Or rather, he's the one that has a chance of NOT being good that we need to be good... Does that make sense? Probably not. I'm not paying too much attention to the offensive lineman we picked because I don't buy the whole "competing" bit. I think they'll both start, within the first couple weeks of the season. That being said, here's some links.

I'm very interested to know what will be going on with the 49ers return unit, the team had a large weakness in that area last season but look to have a couple of options this season. (

Man I love this Iupati pick more and more each day. A good article about a former NFL lineman's opinions on Iupati. (

Barber has some notes from the rookie minicamp. (

Taylor Mays has been keeping his eye on the ball in minicamp. Good stuff, Mays. Good stuff. (

Here's some more notes, from yesterday. (

If the 49ers end up having to share a stadium with the Raiders, as far as the voters concerned, the stadium has a less likely chance of being built. (

WR Kyle Williams comes from a baseball family. Interesting story about our sixth round draft choice. (

Big players were added in the draft, let's hope they can make a big impact as well. (

There is no easy path onto the roster for the 49ers later round picks. Lots of competition. (

A good article about Alex Boone. I'm rooting for the guy, to be sure. I mean, I got him in Madden, after all. I also got Sheets, Clayton and Zeigler into Madden. Wooh.  (