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Sunday YouTube: 49ers-Giants 2002 Wildcard Game

In looking over the offseason calendar, the NFL Draft and the subsequent rookie minicamps are approximately the half-way point of the NFL offseason. The good news is that it means we're halfway through the offseason and that much closer to the start of the new season. The bad news is that the busiest part of the offseason has come and gone, and we're now into the proverbial dog days of the offseason. We've got some actual football with OTAs in June, but things are going to be pretty quiet between now and the end of July.

Given that, I thought I'd try and develop a new regular Sunday feature we'll simply call "Sunday YouTube." Not the most exciting title, and I'll take suggestions for something a little more entertaining. What I want to do with it is provide some YouTube video each Sunday afternoon until training camp that will entertain you at least a little bit. I'd like to stick primarily with 49ers-related video, but we'll mix it up if need be.

For today, I've got a pair of videos from a famous game in 49ers history: the 2002 NFC Wildcard game between the 49ers and the New York Giants. The 49ers completed one of the all-time great comebacks in NFL history to defeat the Giants 39-38. Before the jump I've posted video of the final 49ers scoring drive. After the jump I've got a video package of highlights from the whole game. This was definitely one of my favorite games as a 49ers fan. I'm still amazed there wasn't a pass interference call on the 49ers at the end to offset the ineligible man downfield. Not disappointed, but amazed.