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Golden Nuggets: Please catch some punts. Thanks.

Good morning to all of you. Yesterday we had a veritable monster of Nuggets, tons of links and today I hope to replicate that but promises... I cannot make. I should look to do something similar today, however. Anyway, I'm going to link to these one more time in the beginning and after that I'll assume that everyone who needs to see them has seen them--go and check out his post about a possible Niners Nation Day at one of the 49ers games, and my post about the 49ers community preseason guide. As far as 49ers links go, I've got plenty of notes and quotes from day three of the 49ers OTAs. Things of that nature, not sure what else but yeah, we'll get plenty today. Enjoy the links, folks.

Let's begin with Barrows' observations from day three. I'm very... on the fence about Ted Ginn. I want him to succeed, I hope we know how to use him. (

And here are Maiocco's thoughts from day three--and hey, his title has a pun! That means this is front page stuff folks. (

The punt returners--all four of them--struggled to catch punts yesterday. That worries me. (

Here are Barber's notes and quotes from the day of practice. (

Second year player Ricky Jean-Francois has room to benefit from the absence of Aubrayo Franklin. I stated last year that I thought Jean-Francois could be a good player--I figure if he becomes a decent backup as the second NT, we're getting good value out of the seventh rounder. (

Sorry folks but it's another Cohn article, and yes, it's about Alex Smith. He seems to be more complimentary this time around but I can't enjoy his writing style. (

Here's a post I haven't read yet, about the 49ers defensive backs and their coaches. (

Rookie WR Kyle Williams had himself a very good day. (

Haven't read this yet and I can't imagine it has anything you haven't read yet, but it's supposed to be a breakdown of Patrick Willis' contract extension. (

Alex Smith given key to 49ers kingdom. I haven't read this one either, whoops. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My explanation in parenthesis after each tweet.)

Barber: RT @michael_RP: @Skinny_Post do you think we pick up shawn springs? >> Don't see it. Niners are deep there, and Springs is 35. (Barber explains that Springs was never really an option at all.)

Barber: RT @jj49ersrule: @Skinny_Post any news on walt Harris? >> No. Every day w/o him makes his return less likely. (I think we can all assume Walt won't be back.)

Maiocco: He's seeing limited duty as the No. 3 RB. RT @bezbze408 whats up with anthony dixon? (Pretty self explanatory.)

Barber: RT @SeanVK49: @Skinny_Post glad bowman looks good in coverage. Look to u like he has natural cov skills? >> Natural or learned, he's got 'em  (Awesome stuff, I really hope Bowman will replace Spikes in a season or two.)

Rival Blog Buzz At Revenge of the Birds, Andrew projects the Cardinals wide receiver position, and the Rams blog has some random links. Not much here, folks.

Yesterday On Niners Nation We kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, Fooch took a look at the offense thus far in OTAs, Smileyman had a very good post examining the Tampa 2 defense, Fooch took a look at our division rival the Seattle Seahawks and the latest news surrounding them, a post about the Cushing re-vote and some commentsmade by BBS from Stampede Blue, and a day 3 look at the defense in OTAs.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific, subject to change, etc.)

7:00 AM - I was told Drummer has a post going up at this time, but I'm not privvy to what it is.

11:00 AM - I will have a 49ers player profile going up at this point, either on Shawntae Spencer or Justin Smith.

2:00 PM - I'm sure at some point in the afternoon we'll have something else, no worries.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "49ERS Nation Im Lovin It Here, OTAs Are Going Good, Cant Wait Til The Pre - Season Starts So I Can Show You Guys Im NFL Material" from Taylor Mays, whose Twitter is here. Show us, Mays. Show us all.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Standardised. ;)" by LondonNiner. Seriously, there was a lot of gems to choose from yesterday. Maybe I'll start doing an honorable mention, maybe not. Tre9er was on his way to getting another and then he went and referenced Superbad, and this one post by LN was so awesome in simplicity, it got me instantly, I was floored. Second place to me was Fooch posting the picture of Bad News Brown.