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Around the NFL

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This is what $26 million in cash looks like
This is what $26 million in cash looks like

Contract talk seems to be the news this week.

We all know about Manny Lawson's refusal to participate in OTA's due to his contract situation.

Chris Johnson (aka CJ2K) is also holding out. He's still playing on his rookie contract and is worth far more than the paltry $550,000 he's owed by the Titans for the 2010 season. The Titan's GM is using the 30% rule as an excuse to not pay CJ, but as we saw with Willis a creative and determined team can get a new deal done. 

Given the circumstances, I don't think there's the likelihood anything is going to happen,'' Reinfeldt said. "You're asking me definitely if he's not going to get (a new contract). I'm not making any definitive statements. I just think he's a pro and we expect him to honor his contract.

If you want to support Chris Johnson you can sign an internet petition started by some fan. PayCJ2K currently has 1,289 signatures. 

There's another Johnson wanting a bigger pay day and that's Houston wide receiver Andre Johnson. Johnson sat out the first couple of OTA's due to contract issues, but showed up back to work after a meeting with the owners. but his situation is different than CJ2K's. Johnson had his original deal redone once already, and is now asking for more money on top of that.

In 2007 Johnson was signed to a six-year extension worth $60 million, with $15 million guaranteed. When Fitzgerald signed his new deal (4 years $40 million, $20 million guaranteed) and Brandon Marshall's (4 years, $47.5 million with $24 million guaranteed), he started seeing dollar signs. He's back now and sounds contrite, but we'll see what happens if he doesn't get a new deal.

"Me not showing up is out of my character and that's why I'm here. I just hope things will work out," Johnson told KRIV.

"I feel like the team understands my situation and I know theirs and we can meet at a certain point and get it done and have a successful season," he told KRIV.


Santana Moss was apparently provided HGH by Dr Anthony Galea, the same guy who gave HGH to a bunch of other athletes and is being charged in Canadian court for smuggling, amongst other things. Moss (according to The Washington Post) had scheduled a private meeting with Galea. Moss deserves mad props for his version of "Dre's gonna be Dre".

"I ain't got nothing to do with nothing that ain't about me."

IMO this is good news for Terrell Owens, as it makes his acquisition by the Redskins more likely. He's already got McNabb pimping for him. If Moss ends up being suspended by the league that takes away their #1 WR. Antwan Randel El was the #2 guy and he's with the Steelers now. They need help. 

Brian Westbrook met with the Redskins--that's the third team to show interest (he first met with the Rams, the Broncos want him and the Redskins have now shown interest). If he signs with the 'Skins that will reprise the three-headed monster of Philly's SuperBowl run and should dramatically improve their play-off chances this year

Daunte Culpepper is set to sign with the UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions. I thought that he did a reasonable job filling in for the Lions last year, it's too bad he can't find work in the NFL.

J.P. Losman would tell Culpepper not to worry too much about playing in the UFL. After a successful year in the UFL (where he led the Las Vegas Locomotives to a league championship), the Seahawks signed him to a one year deal worth $630,000. He'll be the 3rd string spot behind Hasselbeck and Whitehurst. 

B.J. Raji just got a promotion. He'll apparently be the starting NT this season and the Packers will be moving Picket to LDE. It'll be interesting to see if Raji is worth his first round draft stats. 

Donovan McNabb wants to end his career in Washington. Not exactly a shocker since he doesn't have that many playing days left, but it does speak to a desire to have a 4 or 5 year extension done. 

Mardy Gilyard was robbed at gunpoint this week, but he's still the same cat. Thieves got away with $90 cash and a $500 necklace. They should've waited until after he signed his rookie contract.

"I'm the same cat," Gilyard told National Football Post. "I'm not shook up or nothing like that, just mad. I'm just glad I get to go to training camp. I had that thing pointed at my head. I could have been paralyzed or brain dead or killed. I'm truly blessed to still be here talking to you."


Kris Jenkins reportedly is a whopping 390 lbs. You want your NTs to be big, but that's just too big. Rex Ryan has challenged Jenkins and Damien Woody to a contest to see who can lose the most weight. Ryan stacked the odds in his favor with a lap band procedure. I wonder if they're doing this based on total pounds shed or by body fat percentage.