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Golden Nuggets: Too many links make me late.

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Hey everyone. Good morning and what not. The 49ers OTAs continued and the links are pouring in. I'll do my best to get them all to you and try not to make any omissions. The 49ers also basically made Baalke their general manager, although he doesn't hold that title, so I have plenty of links on that. I'll link to this one more time in the Nuggets, be sure to go and read the post Fooch made about a possible Niners Nation Day at one of the 49ers games this upcoming season. I'll be there if we get it done--we need enough people to make it possible, so go check out the topic, and if you're going to attend, vote on the game that should be priority for you to attend. So thanks for that, and enjoy your links today, folks.

The 49ers named Trent Baalke the vice president of player personnel. It's not general manager, but it's pretty close, the job descriptions are almost interchangeable. I like the move. (

The team also signed WR Kyle Williams to a four-year deal. This one seems to be a lot more likely to hold, as opposed to the signing of Philip Adams. (

Here is the audio from the Jed York conference call, and the audio from the Baalke call. (

Here's the "full story" on the Trent Baalke signing. (

Sando takes a look at why the 49ers promoted Baalke. (

Barber has his observations of day four of the 49ers organized team activities. (

Here are Barrows' notes and quotes of day four as well. Keep an eye on Bowman? Will do, Barrows. Will do. (

A nice article about Kyle Williams from Samuel Lam, who got a chance to talk with him yesterday. (

Barber of the Press Democrat talks offensive line. (

The teams' punt returners looked better on day four--day three was a disaster. (

CB Nate Clements is forfeiting his workout bonus by working out on his own. That's an awfully lot of money.. I mean, to me, at least. (

Patrick Willis is the perfect fit as the leader of the 49ers under Mike Singletary. (

Barrows confirms that Spencer being absent from the 49ers OTAs is not contract related. I figured as much. (

The team's defense thus far in May has been patchwork--good enough for me, I want to see some backups and rookies. (

An article about the 49ers safeties, and some notes about their offseasons. (

Baalke's promotion hinged on communication above all else. (

Frank Gore just keeps getting better. I sure hope so, I think we'll see a big year out of 21. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My explanation after each tweet.)

Barber: RT @ElvinPritchard: @Skinny_Post W/ Baalke not getting GM Role, you see 49ers hiring GM from outside? >> No. Could be status quo for a while (Pretty self explanatory, Baalke is pretty much the GM.)

Barber: RT @ElvinPritchard: @Skinny_Post Think the Niners will pick up anybody else via free agency? >> A good chance, but might not be a big name. (I don't see anything else happening.)

Barber: RT @michael_RP: @Skinny_Post hows RJF lookin? >> Pretty good from what I noticed. (Self explanatory.)

Rival Blog Buzz At ROTB they attempt to predict the Cardinals win/loss record, and a bit about the Spring starting lineup at the Rams blog,  

Yesterday On Niners Nation The Nuggets kicked us off, and Drummer had his post in the early morning, we had our around the NFL post from Smileyman, our coverage of the Trent Baalke promotion, our coverage of the signing of Kyle Williams, and Fooch posts a transcript of Singletary's press conference on the wrap up of OTAs. 

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change.)

7:00 AM - I have my next player profile post going up at this point--today is Justin Smith.

11:00 AM - Howtheyscored will have a post wrapping up his year-by-year section here at Niners Nation.

2:00 PM - Andrew Davidson will have a post going up about fantasy football tight ends. I have to assume we'll see a bit of Vernon Davis, yeah?

49ers Tweet Of The Day "Wow can't believe he said that! He's the worst." from Vernon Davis, whose Twitter is here. I believe the comment was about Jim Rome, who is indeed the worst. 

Yesterday's Best Comment "by the by my kids wanted me to tell you they loved Flushed Away and Wallace and Grommit" from Tre9er in reply to LondonNiner. Bahahaha. I love it, Tre.