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49ers Profiles: Josh "It Came Down Like a Punt!" Morgan

 WR Josh Morgan taunts the woefully inept Miami CB
 by hopping down the field on one foot while balancing
 the football on one finger. Beast.

Hello everyone. I'm back for my next 49ers Profile, and as I get going I urge you to remember that there is less information about some players than there is about others. I'm trying to give you a good mix, seeing as how I have about 80 of these to do, I'd rather not lead with all of the players who have a wealth of information. I think I have a decent amount about Morgan, however. So let's get to it.

Josh Morgan had a mostly productive high school football 'career', but there is little information beyond the fact that he played quarterback, wide receiver, and also cornerback.. I'm wondering how playing QB and WR at the same time works, but I imagine it is awesome to watch. What's the excuse when he throws a pass to himself and it 'comes down like a punt'? He'll just get reprimanded for a bad pass.. right?

He played his college ball at Virginia Tech, where he ranks second in the school all-time in receptions (122), fourth in receiving yardage (1,817), and fourth touchdowns (16). Morgan went a little under the radar at this point, and the 49ers grabbed him in the 2008 NFL Draft, with the 174th overall pick of the draft, which made him a sixth round selection.

For a sixth rounder, Morgan has garnered  considerable hype. 49ers fans expect a lot out of him, and he's definitely shown flashes of that potential on gamedays, albeit on an inconsistent basis, which I suppose is what "flashes" would entail, no?

Morgan is known around the facility and the fanbase as a tough, physical player. On more than one occasion coach Mike Singletary has cited his downfield blocking ability. Many consider blocking as an afterthought for a wide receiver, but I'm pretty sure Frank Gore is glad to have such a specimen patrolling the second level and making his life just a little bit easier. He's a team player who makes all of his blocks and doesn't worry about not going deep every play to put up good numbers.

He was listed last season by many media sources as a possible "breakout" player for the team, and with the flashes he showed, it certainly could have been possible. But it was not to be, and I don't think that's necessarily Morgan's fault--the offense didn't seem to come together consistently, and you can't expect a sixth round pick to be the player to "pull everyone together." This coming season, however, Morgan looks one again poised to have a breakout season. Maybe it won't be 1000 yards, but you try and be the second wide receiver in an offense that features Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker--then let me know how many looks you're entitled to.

Morgan has also recently become one of the spokespeople for Year Up, a 10-year old organization that provides intensive learning for promising individuals ages 18-24 who lack financial support. Phil Barber of the Press Democrat was kind enough to report some information on the organization. 87% of their graduates are played in full or part-time jobs almost immediately, which is quite the number when taken into context.

He's said that he identifies with the organization on many levels, and that's why he was so eager to get involved when members of Year Up contacted the 49ers to see if anyone would be interested in supporting them. Morgan did so, and he did it with pride.

Next I should be looking at Shawntae Spencer, as soon as I gather more information on him. But that's my look at Josh Morgan, a receiver I have high hopes for in 2010.