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Saturday Swing Around SB Nation: Minor League Ball

So last weeks edition of the Saturday Swing was a look at the official state of SB Nation blog, Blog Huddle. In that piece, I covered all my previous Swings and linked to them, so if you're interested to see the blogs I've covered in the past, here is a link to last week's edition.

I've covered only a handful of SB Nation's some-255 strong blog catalog and I'll continue this throughout the offseason. I'll do my best to cover everything that isn't team specific, because I know you folks aren't interested in, say, the Raiders blog, or the Cowboys blog--things of that nature.

Blogs about sports history, eating contests and fantasy sports, that's what I've looked at. A while ago I took a look at Ridiculous Upside, a very well-run blog about the NBA's developmental league. This week I'm taking a look at Minor League Ball, a blog about minor league baseball.

Editor: John Sickels

Minor league baseball is something I myself have yet to dabble in. When I profiled Ridiculous Upside, it really spurred me into following the D-league of the NBA a bit more closely, and I truly find it fascinating at this point. Perhaps now that I'm taking a look into this blog, I'll get more into minor league baseball.

It's a littler overwhelming, however. I'm looking into this blog on short notice, so I'm not sure if it encompasses all of the minor leagues but I imagine it does a good job of covering the majority. The reason I'm doing a look at this blog without a whole lot of research is one: because I've been very busy this week and two: this blog was chosen as a short notice blog due to the fact that I know it's professionally operated.

The editor, John Sickels, has a very good reputation in the world of sports. Namely, the world of baseball sports. He's a good guy with plenty of experience and knowledge, he puts out his own guide each year about the top baseball prospects and you can find the same quality coverage on a daily basis over at Minor League Ball. He's provided commentary for a few baseball publications beyond his own, and has also done writing for ESPN.

The community seems fairly active, and with posts going up daily in a timely fashion, if you're interested in the minor leagues I suggest heading over and checking out the site. If you don't know much about them, you can always head over and learn--if you're a fan of baseball I see no reason why you shouldn't. If the 49ers were associated with, say, a UFL team, you'd follow them, at least read up on them via a blog, right? I definitely would. So, while I don't have a whole lot of information on this blog right this moment, I can vouch for it being professional quality and those interested should not pass it up.