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Golden Nuggets: Hey offseason, you suck.

Morning folks, Ninjames here. The offseason is rearing its ugly head and the news coming out of 49erland is slim to none right now. I'll get you what I can, and continue with the usual additions I've added to the Nuggets. Is there anything else you bunch would like on a daily basis that could be added to these fine Golden Nuggets? Let me know in the comments, I won't the most comprehensive daily post for the 49ers that you can get on the web--I'm sure I'm not there yet, but I do try each and every night. Occasionally I'll miss a link--if and when that happens and you come across one, please do post it in the comments and let me know what a fool I've been. Thanks. I'll get to your links.. or your link, depending on how actually scarce it is. Enjoy.

Here is Maiocco's transcript from his latest chat. I don't really follow those due to how casual some of the questions seem to be, but a decent read. (

The post I'll have up at 7:00 pertains to discussion of this article from Barrows about Andy Lee and his rather small salary. I really dislike the wording near the end, but you know. (

Isn't it crazy that we now have potentially three players to choose from for punt return duties? That just blows my mind considering what we had to suffer through last season. (

Update: Adding this in, hope you folks don't mind, it's my very early, possibly too early projection on the 53-man roster, or at least, the offense. (

Here is Sando's latest mailbag post. Good read. (

Why not, it's a slow day. In case you missed it, I posted up a quick wrap-up of the OTA sessions from last week. (

Here's a breakdown of the 49ers running backs. I should note, that most people say running backs when they actually mean half backs. Beyond that, it's a decent summary of the players, remember this guy is pretty new to the writing scene. (

It's a slower day, so I'll repost this since I firmly believe this kid will be something good for us--Samuel Lam got a chance to talk with Kyle Williams. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My commentary in parenthesis.)

Maiocco: Agent just got married, so talks have slowed. Vernon isn't concerned. He'll get his payday. RT @MRM85COM Any news on Vernon Davis contract? (I'm glad to see Davis is so laid back about this. He wants to play for this team.)

Maiocco: Residents of SF would never (NEVER) approve a stadium with any public funds. RT @jwright810 why are 49ers so against staying in SF? (Explaining a possible reason why the 49ers are won't get a stadium built in San Francisco.)

Maiocco: Plan B, ahead of S.F., is ... Oakland. Yep, Oakland. RT @Darren5000 if Santa Clara residents vote down the stadium, where will 49ers go? (Ouch. No Oakland. Please no Oakland.)

Maiocco: More like a javelin. And he threw it well. RT @NinerEmpireKing do you find David Carr's "shotput" throwing release odd? (I'm not familiar with this, I'll have to look at it sometime.)

Barrows: Def. taking more reps, but he's entrenched as the No. 3 QB for now. @NinerEmpireKing is Nate Davis improving? Taking more reps than last yr? (I think Davis will be better than Brown.)

Barrows: Yes! T.O. Would love to return; Niners, however, have bad memories & don't want him. @ED49ERS Have u heard any thing about T.O and the 9ers? (We don't need him.)

Rival Blog Buzz They're looking at their fanpost of the week over at Turf Show Times--I like the feature a lot. Maybe incorporate it here somehow? That's about it today for them though, we're a bit more strict with trying to get posts up. High five? Anyone?

Yesterday On Niners Nation Things were kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, and then I had a player profile post on WR Josh Morgan, after that I had my Saturday Swing Around SB Nation--and we closed out the day with a Lying with the enemy post from Fooch. 

Today On Niners Nation (Times are pacific, may change.)

7:00 AM - I will have a post at this point about Andy Lee and his contract.

11:00 am - Rest of day - Fooch should have something, and if not he'll text me and I'll have something, so sit tight, you can expect at least two more posts tomorrow after the 7:00 AM post.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "I was just looking at a picture of halle berry. That woman is amazing. Omg why couldn't she be in my time. My lordy smh" from Patrick Willis, whose Twitter is here. Even Twitter was mostly barren today. 

Yesterday's Best Comment "Can someone stop Synder from giving tips. Thanks." by manraj7. Indeed. Well said.

By the way.. my Twitter is @ninnyjams. A word of warning: I've been tweeting A LOT recently and haven't accustomed myself to shortening my tweets with text speak, but almost everything is about the Niners, so follow if you want to talk the team.