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Does anyone think Iupati and Davis won't/shouldn't start day one?

The general consensus is that Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati will be day one starters. Mike Singletary has stated that they will have to earn the role and that they aren't being gift-wrapped the starting job based on their draft status, but is it clear in everyone's minds that these two will be starting?

Iupati appears the most game ready, and I'm of the opinion that on day one, he should (and will) be thrown into the starting left guard position immediately. I'm pretty sure that every college scout and every network analyst out there considered Iupati one of the safest picks and "for sure" starter, so this discussion isn't so much about him.

But as some of the beat writers have been pointing out, it's definitely possible that Anthony Davis could struggle right out the gate. I think it's very clear that he will, too; the reason the team picked him so early was based on his very high potential and how long it could take to reach it under a good coach (Read: under a motivational coach like Mike Singletary).

Will the struggling ruin his confidence though? We don't want to see primary backup Adam Snyder starting to begin the season, but if it helps secure Davis, should it be done? Or are we of the opinion that Davis will be alright and the struggles are a necessary hurdle to clear on the path to realizing potential? Even better, is anyone of the opinion that Davis won't really struggle at all and is an instant upgrade?

My take is that offensive lineman very probably have a much stronger psyche than say, a quarterback who takes part in a baptism by fire. If a rookie offensive lineman gets manhandled, he hits the gym and makes himself better, and takes it out on the next poor sap who lines up across from him. This is much unlike a rookie quarterback, who could be ruined from the onset due to stiff competition. Thoughts?