FanPost fantasy league (prize league)

All this talk about fantasy football has got me rev'd up for the next season. Since both the leagues I played in last year were run by co-workers from my previous job I suspect I'll be out of luck this year.

I need 12 people who are going to be committed members of the league. is not a free league so it will also cost to join.

The only downside that I can see with is that they don't have an option for a keeper league. If I can find that option I'll be running two leagues--a regular league and a keeper league.

The cost for the league is $149.99 if we get it done by June 24, $179.99 after that.

The way I've always done it in the past is that everybody chips in $50.00 and then prizes are awarded each week as follows:

  • Total funds $600.00
  • $149.99 for the league startup costs, leaves us $450 in prize money
  • Top scoring team each week gets $25--total of $350
  • Second place finisher in the league gets $25
  • League champion gets $75

If we want to do just the cost of the startup it'll be $12.50 each.

I like doing leagues that charge for a couple of reasons. You tend to get better stats information, the leagues are more customizable and if you have to fork out money for the league you're more likely to participate.

All funds will be managed through PayPal since we can't exactly meet and pass over money. Draft will obviously be an online draft but all the rules and whatnot will be decided by league vote.

One final note: This is not an official Niners Nation league. This is just a league that I'm putting together for the fun of it.

Chime in if you're interested.

Update: We still have space for 6 more members. I'd like to get this full in the next two weeks so we can beat the deadline for the discount on the league. If you're interested in joining send me an email to

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