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Niners Nation over the next two months: Out of the frying pan...

As many of you know, I recently finished up law school at the University of San Francisco. For those that didn't know, you know. As happy as I am to be done with school, I've heard a saying about law school: You go through years of school and graduate, and then the hard part starts. I'll be taking the bar exam at the end of July, and today that process begins with the first day of bar review.

Over the last couple weeks, you may have noticed Ninjames taking a more active role on the front page. He's provided some great new content in the Golden Nuggets, but more importantly, we've got him providing additional front page material. Over the next two months he'll be turning into a fairly regular poster on the front page as my ability to get posts up decreases. I'll still be posting, but it will dwindle in frequency as we get closer to the bar exam, to the point that there might be a 2 week stretch in late July where I don't post at all.

Seeing as this is my first time through the bar exam (and hopefully my last time), I'm not sure how hectic things will get, but I'm going to assume the worst. Given that, I wanted to make sure we continue to have excellent front page content. We've got a whole host of contributors that have done a great job, and Ninjames will only add to that. Some of the stories I've posted in the past during June and July will potentially be taken over by other front page authors, whether it be smileyman, Josh Branco, Ninjames, Drew K, or whomever. I just wanted to make sure everybody knew why I might be disappearing for stretches at a time. After the bar exam (ends July 29), I'll be back and rolling, just in time for training camp. But for the next ten weeks, I won't be quite as prominent.

I'm posting about this as well because you readers can help take a more active role in the site's front page content. I think one area I haven't done as good a job in as I possibly could is in promoting quality FanPosts to the front page. While the front page content is solid, we've got some incredibly talented users putting together some very interesting FanPosts. In general I want to try and promote them more, but also it helps provide some content on the front page. So promoting the quality stuff to the front page a bit more frequently is sort of a win-win for everybody.

So, unless anybody has any questions, back to your regularly scheduled programming.