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49ers Stadium measure J: TODAY is the deadline to register to vote in Santa Clara

As we roll through May, we've reached an important deadline for our Santa Clara residents. On June 8, Santa Clara will be conducting an election that includes Local Measure J:

Shall the City of Santa Clara adopt Ordinance 17.20 leasing City property for a professional football stadium and other events; no use of City General or Enterprise finds for construction; no new taxes for residents for stadium; Redevelopment Agency funds capped for construction; private party pays all construction cost overruns; no City/Agency obligation for stadium operating/maintenance; private party payment of projected fair market rent; and additional funds for senior/youth/library/recreation to City's General Fund?

This is the measure that must pass for the 49ers to continue down the road towards a Santa Clara football stadium. If you are registered to vote in Santa Clara and want to help the 49ers get a new stadium, you'll want to vote yes on this measure.

if you are NOT registered to vote for the June 8 election, today is the registration deadline if you want to vote in the June 8 election. To register, you need to print out this form (PDF), complete and sign it, and then mail it to: Registrar of Voters, Voter Registration Division, PO Box 611300, San Jose, CA 95161-1300.

As long as it's stamped today (May 24), you'll be good to go for the June 8 election.

For a look at the Santa Clara City Attorney's analysis, head here.