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Golden Nuggets: Whyyyy.

Morning, everyone.  So I'm going to test out adding a few more things to the Nuggets.. you know, just because I can. At least for the offseason, I'll try and include more things from around SB Nation. For instance, if there's something worth noting around the NFL, I'll try and link to the coverage from the relevant team's blog. I'll also probably link other things around SB Nation that I found to be interesting, funny, etc. Things of that nature. I will implement this tomorrow. That being said, I also want to say that you guys can link anything you want in the comments, at least for the offseason. We'd all love to have a ton of super-relevant 49ers news, but if you've got something funny or interesting you want to share, hey, be my guest. It's the offseason, let's quell some boredom. That being said, I thought I'd share with you all that Fooch just used a deragatory term in an email to me and did not use [site decorum] tags. Should I report him to Gmail and see if I can get him banned? Seriously, uncivilized, much? I for one am offended.

Maiocco's seven second interview with Roger Goodell. How about that. ( 

Several 49ers players are training in Arizona. Hm, I wonder why. (

Nate Davis wants to know the playbook like it's his name. No, I won't make a tasteless joke, but I seriously considered it. (

The 49ers are digging deep to secure voters on their new stadium. (

So has Smith given you any reason for optimism at this point? (

Here's some sights and sounds from OTAs. (

An article which I guess is concerning the 49ers draft, but I don't have time to read it right now. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup

Barber: Barber: RT @DancingBearX: @Skinny_Post What's it like having a blog that people comment on now? >> Gotta admit, beats being voice in the wilderness

Maiocco: Maiocco: My best guess is that it's highly unlikely. RT @SAC49er What are the chances Goldson gets a big deal before season starts?

Rival Blog Buzz At Revenge of the Bird they take a look at their 53-man roster and the projected tight ends who will make it, over at Field Gulls a look at Earl Thomas and the interceptions he makes, and how about a little Rams stadium talk

Yesterday On Niners Nation The day began with your favorite, the Golden Nuggets, Fooch then had a post concerning off-the-field conduct and how it should (or should not) affect Hall of Fame consideration and standing, he then posted a reminder (which is now outdated) to register to vote in the June 8th Santa Clara election, "Where Are They Now?" returned with another post courtesy of Smileyman, Fooch put together a site update covering the next two months here at Niners Nation, and I closed out the day with a player profile of Brian Jennings, long snapper.

Today On Niners Nation (All times are pacific, could possibly change)

7:00 AM - Fooch begins his series of 53-man roster predictions that will continue throughout the offseason and through training camp, coming to a culmination during preseason.

11:00 AM - We'll have a post going up about the American Needle vs the NFL case from Smileyman.

2:00 PM - Drew K continues his 2011 college football prospects with a look at tight ends.

4:30 PM - Smileyman takes a look at Patrick Willis' contract extension and how it affects Chris Johnson.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "What's good San Jose for this eve? Tired of hearing about magic/celtics should have been the Hawks!!" from Takeo Spikes, whose Twitter is here. As Stevenc pointed out in an email, he means the Atlanta Hawks.. but does he have to use the word 'Hawks' in reference to San Jose? Too soon, TKO, too soon. 

Yesterday's Best Comment "Any hopes of getting an early release for good behavior?" from riderless. It's not from yesterday, but many felt it was a tragic omission yesterday and I see it as well. Because of this, I am awarding riderless one and a half YBCs. Who's keeping score? The post was in response to LondonNiner saying that he was posting from his cell (phone).