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Golden Nuggets: Hoping for that stadium.

Good morning folks. Ninjames here for your Nuggets. Yesterday we had a big shortage of links, but I'll attribute that to being short on time. Today, however, I've got time and I believe we have ourselves a few links. Of note on my mind lately is the stadium situation. I'm not sure if it's because the election is coming up, or if because there's not much else 49ers-related to ponder on at this point with training camp still a bit of ways away and with the NFL well into the slowest part of the offseason. Still, we have plenty of posts planned for you throughout the coming weeks and months to tide you over, so keep checking back every day for your links, and as always, enjoy said links today.

I'm definitely interested to know whether or not the 49ers and Raiders will hold a joint practice this offseason. They have in the past, but they play each other in the regular season. (

A new stadium for the 49ers wouldn't just mean a nice place for the team to play--it would also be a potential host of the Super Bowl. (

The most intriguing player the 49ers picked up? Taylor Mays, 2nd round draft pick. I think he can be great. (

Who will be the best player in the NFC West in 2010? Sando thinks Beanie Wells, who could certainly do well.. I mean, not against our rush defense, of course (Yooou know!), but he also has two Niners on his list. (

Will the team win the vote to approve the stadium? Cohn asks this question, (and doesn't support the stadium, mind you) and I apologize in advance for subjecting you all to his writing style, at least in this article. It just feels so overbearing at times. (

As a follow up, Cohn elaborates on his position of not supporting the stadium. (

Alex Smith showed a lot of confidence in OTAs. I'm starting to feel good about this guy. (

Check out Mike Sando's latest mailbag post. He never seems to answer my questions. (

He also has some notes about Patrick Willis and his contract, how the deal got done and the like. (

Hoooold the phone! First episode of the Joe Show for the 2010 season? Heck yes! Watch this NOW! Man I love the interview with Joe Nedney. They should make a CD together. (

Here is a breakdown of the 49ers wide receivers, and also a breakdown of the tight ends. While I don't agree with what he says, it's a decent breakdown. (

Yes, Lynch, we can talk football, it would help if you decided to get the ball rolling with a football related post. (

Interesting little note about a conversation George Seifert had with Mike Shanahan back in the day. (

The 49ers are having a Football 101 contest, and it isn't too late to enter. Check it out. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup

Barber: Every NFL player tested once btwn Apr 20 and Aug 9. If you skip OTAs, I'm guessing you're tested at minicamp or, barring that, training camp. (About all that was useful from the guys today, the rest were very casual questions.)

Rival Blog Buzz At Field Gulls, they argue their point for their stadium to host a Super Bowl, and at the Rams blog, another perspective on the Atogwe situation

Yesterday On Niners Nation The Golden Nuggets kicked us off, Fooch began his roster projections with a look at the quarterbacks, Smileyman examined the American Needle vs NFL case, Drew K had his college prospects post, looking at the top tight ends going into 2010, and we closed out the day with a look at Patrick Willis' contract and how it affects Chris Johnson

Today On Niners Nation (All times Pacific and subject to change.)

7:00 AM - We'll begin today with another player profile, from yours truly.

11:00 AM - Smileyman will have a Football 101 post at this point.

4:00 PM - Andrew has a nice read, with a look at Mike Florio and his comments about the announcement that we'd be getting a cold weather Super Bowl.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "finally a Super Bowl where the elements can play a role." from Michael Robinson, whose Twitter is here. I couldn't agree more. 

Yesterday's Best Comment "I hope it snows that day, I always wanted the niners to win a superbowl in the snow." by manraj7. Well said, buddy. There was another good post yesterday too, but oh well. I went with TRUTH over comedy this time.