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49ers Favored to Win NFC West, Bet on It!

I'm not a betting guy in the usual sense. In that, I don't really follow Vegas or official betting odds, whenever I make a bet it's usually between myself and a few buddies with a nice round of smack talk to accompany a monetary wager. I do, however, find it interesting at least follow when it comes to my (our?) Niners and how much they are favored.

I'm quite enjoying the fact that so many people are thinking the 49ers will win the west in 2010. The last couple seasons, the team has always been listed as a "break out" team. Writers and analysts had the Niners as their "team to watch" in the upcoming season, and it's never quite went the way we'd like. It does feel different this time, though, with so many sources picking the team to actually win the division. Feels good.

Among the sources 'betting' on the 49ers, has the Niners as the favorite to win the NFC West. Now, the Seahawks are the smart team to go with, if you're one to take a chance and get yourself a nice payoff at +300 (3-1), but you know. The odds are listed as...

San Francisco 49ers (-125 Odds to win NFC West)
Arizona Cardinals (+250 Odds to win NFC West)
Seattle Seahawks (+300 Odds to win NFC West)
St. Louis Rams (+1500 Odds to win NFC West)

Check out the full article right here.