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Golden Nuggets: Still thinking about it.

Good morning everyone. Ninjames here, got your Nuggets in their new and improved form, all of that good stuff. I don't have as many links for you today as I did yesterday but we've got more than a couple quality links for you all to read and comment on. I've been concentrating, as I noted yesterday, on the 49ers and the stadium in Santa Clara. I was wondering, is there anyone on here who doesn't think it will get done? If so, what do you think will happen? Better yet, is there anyone here who lives in Santa Clara who has a thought or two on the situation? That would be something I'd like to hear. Anyway, here's your linkage, folks.

The 49ers were featured on NFL Total Access yesterday, and Barrows put up a post on it over at his blog. (

With the absences in training camp at the cornerback position, the silver lining is that it gives the newcomers and rookies time to shine. (

Anthony Dixon will have to "change his pace" for the 49ers to be really happy with carrying him on the 53-man roster. (

The 49ers are being ravaged by birds. It's a terrifying thing. (

Sando has a story about his choice for player of the year, and I find it absolutely hilarious that LenDale White is even remotely near that discussion. He has zero chance at all, Washginton is almost certain to have a better season, injury and all. Like seriously, if you're a Seahawks fan at LEAST be remotely realistic and go with someone who has a real chance at it. Earl Thomas, etc. Even Hasselbeck can do it. (

Lowell Cohn talks more about the stadium situation, asking whether or not Santa Clara has a downtown.(

The rookies enjoy the new workload. I'm skeptic. I mean, being excited about working is one thing, but I doubt they're like.. I don't know. (

Do you think the Bay Area will get a Super Bowl? I mean, come on, if they got one in the new Giants/Jets stadium... (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup

Barrows: Not gonna win any best-body comps; he's bigger now -- 250+ @Tre9er Brit Miller was kinda "round" in the belly last year, is he in shape now? (Hm.. Bigger now in a good way, or..?)

Rival Blog Buzz Over at Field Gulls they have discussions about Chris Clemons and his ability (or lack thereof) to be a starter, and at Turf Show Times they have their random links, and also a look at their defenses ability to finish tackles, and another post from Revenge of the Birds where they predict their record for next season. 

Yesterday On Niners Nation Your favorite feature (of course), the Golden Nuggets, kicked us off, I had another player profile post, this one on Brit Miller, smileyman had his latest football university post, I had a short post on NFC West betting odds, and a post from Andrew Davidson on some comments Florio made about the Super Bowl in New York. 

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change.)

7:00 AM - Drummer is (supposed) to have a post at this time. If he doesn't, you should all say mean things about him or something.

11:00 AM - Fooch has a post about some comments made by Roger Goodell.

2:00 PM - I'm supposed to have something at this point, but I'm not sure whether it will be a player profile or another 49ers-related piece.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "I need some insight on this game for tonight. I'm in the barbershop w/a bunch of experts.pls help" from Takeo Spikes, whose Twitter is here. This is EXACTLY how Twitter should be used by athletes.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Sando, Seahawks fan here, when is the organization going to get smart and put you in the front office? My question is ... " from bignerd. Good stuff, my man.