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Around the NFL

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Somewhat of a slow news week--the big stories have already been covered here.

We're finally getting a cold weather Super Bowl. Goodell says he wasn't a factor in the decision but I think that's BS.

On the New York-New Jersey Super Bowl and your role in getting it done:

Far too much is being made of my role.

On the possibility of future cold-weather Super Bowls:

I think each game will be decided on an individual basis. I do believe that New York is a unique market. I think the membership recognizes that. It is the number-one market in our country and in many cases around the world. From that standpoint it will be a great experience for our fans and for the NFL. I am confident that the bid they put together will turn out to be a great event.

Shockey hospitalized after seizures. The seizures are bad news--could be anything

Albert Haynesworth has been busy whilst missing practice. From the NY Times:

Washington Redskins star Albert Haynesworth is being sued for $10 million by a Brooklyn exotic dancer who claims he impregnated her -- then abandoned her

Favre had his ankle surgery. If he had chosen to not have the thing he probably wouldn't be back. I'm guessing he'll be coming back right about the time the preseason starts. If you missed this NFLTA it was a great one. Rich Eisen plays Dr with Brett Favre.

Phillip Merling (Dolphins 2nd round draft pick from 2008) was arrested on charges of battery. The disgusting thing--it was a pregnant woman he's accused of battering. He's the fourth Dolphins player arrested this off-season. The others are DL Tony McDanieal (misdemeanor domestic battery), Ronnie Brown (DUI), CB Will Allen (DUI)

Tebow is now number 3 on the depth chart. Hold on to your horses here.

Leon Washington's leg injury is not healed fully. Seattle is pondering whether to start him at camp on the PUP list. If they do that means that he'll have to start the season on the reserve PUP list and will be unavailable for at least six weeks during that time.

Kevin Ellison (safety for San Diego) was arrested with 100 Vicodin pills in his car. Apparently he was speeding and got stopped. 100 pills is enough to get Federal charges leveled at him since he didn't have a prescription. Supposedly Ellison did not get the pain killers from the team. Could Atogwe land here?

Robert Mathis isn't happy with his deal and wants a new contract. I have no sympathy for him.

Justin Smiley was traded to the Jaguars for a conditional 7th round pick.

Andre Johnson is backpedaling fast from his contract demands of last week.

"Like I said, I'm not really worried about it," Johnson said Monday. "I'm out here just trying to work and doing what I need to do to help win a Super Bowl around here. That's what I'm going to continue to do, and like I said before, if that happens, it'll happen and it will take care of itself."

Eric Berry is the first rookie to work with the starters. This from our fellow SB Nation blog Arrowhead Pride. We all knew he would start--you don't draft a guy 5th overall and not start him, but that's pretty quick progress.

Dwayne Bowe opened his mouth and shoved his foot in it whilst talking about NFL groupies. He would later retract that and say it was taken out of context--but I have no idea how you can take this comment out of context.

"My rookie year, we were playing in San Diego," Bowe says. "You hear stories about groupies hanging out in hotel lobbies, but some of my teammates had it set up so there was a girl in every room. The older guys get on MySpace and Facebook a week before we go to a city; when a pretty one writes back, they arrange to fly her in three or four days in advance. They call it importing."

Ed Wang made history by signing his rookie deal. He's the first person of Chinese descent to play in the NFL.

Zach Thomas signed a one day deal with the Dolphins and then retired.