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The Raiders are more excited than [insert team here] about [insert subject here]

This isn't a dig on the Oakland Raiders, not by a long shot, but you have to love the public relations department of this team. "Oh what, the 49ers are excited about the prospects of hosting a Super Bowl if/when they get a new stadium? Well... so are we! Oakland rocks!" Again, this isn't a dig against Oakland, but I did find something to be particularly amusing...

 I think Oakland would absolutely be a terrific site for a future Super Bowl and we're working closely with the city and the county and all sorts of exciting ideas with a new Bay Area stadium.

These are the words of Amy Trask, the Raiders CEO, as per Bob Glauber of Newsday. I've went and bolded the word "Oakland" in case you folks didn't notice. Why did I bold it? I suppose I don't need to ask that and neither do you, Oakland in this day and age doesn't really seem like a "Super Bowl city", if you know what I mean? Even if it is, how far are the Raiders from actually getting a stadium?

Of course, a team will try and politic themselves and their stadium to host a Super Bowl, but the team really isn't anywhere when it comes to talks of a new stadium. The closest thing right now is wording for the San Francisco 49ers potential Santa Clara stadium deal, which includes a clause about possibly leasing it out to a second team. Which of course, would mean that it wouldn't actually be in Oakland.

It's just a silly thing I took note of--that the team is already gearing themselves up for the bid. Trask also allegedly said that she wrote in "Oakland" on the ballot for the 2014 Super Bowl bid. One has to wonder if you were to part the hair on the back of Trask's head, if you would see Al Davis' snarling features growing out of the back of it, feeding off the poor woman, drawing energy from her very life force and sanity so it may live another season. I'm not sure if she's kidding at this point, but I suppose its a good sign for Raiders fans that their front office is so dedicated, if a little delusional. I imagine hers was the one vote for 2014, forgive me if I, myself, am not optimistic about their chances for 2015 either.

Needless to say, it's much more realistic that a Super Bowl will make it to the bay area in a place like Santa Clara, or San Francisco if something happens on that front. Oakland seems like it will always have one and only vote, the one penciled in, almost sarcastically by Amy Trask.