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Golden Nuggets: We'll take anything at this point!

Morning folks. The 49ers made some changes yesterday--or rather, made a new Chief Sales Officer official. Which isn't huge news, but it's more than we could have hoped for at this point in the offseason. Still, I have a lot more links than the previous couple of days as the beat writers kick it in to full gear. I tell ya, they really are a lazy lot. I mean come on, at least make some fake news. Let us fans think that the team cut Dashon Goldson or something, it would make the day interesting, you know? Of course, I'm being stupid right now and I don't really want that to happen, I don't need a heart attack, and at the same time--I think we do pretty well for ourselves here at Niners Nation, figuring out things to discuss and speculate on! So enjoy your links, and read up on what we've got coming for you here on NN.

The team announced yesterday that they made John Vidalin their Chief Sales Officer. (

NFL commisioner Roger Goodell addresses the 49ers stadium situation. Anyone else bothered by how many times you see "EXCLUSIVE" in all-caps on the page? (

Barber got, what is in my mind, one of the better interviews I've seen, based on the fact that you generally don't see this. He sat down with Mike Solari recently, a pretty nice read. (

Randy Cross was recently elected into the college football hall of fame. (

The threat of the 49ers moving to LA looms. It isn't going to happen, but I hate that it's come down to such threats. I also am adamant that I will not attend 49ers games in Oakland, unless it is only temporary.  (

Rice "busts" a move. I don't get it. I mean I do, but usually when you use a pun like that the phrase concerning it should make sense, too. But it doesn't. Either way, a cool article. (

Do you see Josh Morgan as the leader of the 49ers wide receivers? (

Here is Barrows' latest chat recap. (

A really nice article about past 49ers who have notable accomplishments in sports other than football. (

Taylor Mays is not holding a grudge against Pete Carrol. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup

Barber: RT @michael_RP: @Skinny_Post say j passes, suggestions to the name of stad.? >> Leading candidate: The GooglePlex

Maiocco: I don't even need to make a phone call on this one. No. RT @ederemer think there is any interest in LenDale White from the 49ers?

Barrows: Cultivating all corporate ties, including the big one -- naming rights for new stadium. @Tre9er what is a "Chief Sales Officer"'s job?

Rival Blog Buzz At Field Gulls, they have their thoughts on the release of RB LenDale White, they aren't too sad about it, and TFT has their game changer post on Rodger Saffold

Yesterday On Niners Nation The day began as usual, with the Golden Nuggets, and then Fooch had his game changer post on Navorro Bowman, howtheyscored had a post about 49ers limited partner Franklin Mieuli and his passing, Andrew Davidson had a post on fantasy football, I had some thoughts about the Raiders wanting a Super Bowl in Oakland, and I promoted a fanpost from Tre9er to the front page about 'F'ysical Football and its meaning.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific, subject to change.)

7:00 AM - I'll have a post about the 49ers and their contracts, and a comparison to.. well.. the Browns.

11:00 AM - Onward - Apologies folks, but I wasn't around for most of yesterday and therefore couldn't get a grip on what's going on today--I'm going to try and get a Saturday Swing up, and Fooch may have another 53-man roster projection for us. We'll have plenty, just tune in and

49ers Tweet Of The Day "On my way to Vegas for the fight & festivities!! Who wit me.....leeeeetgo" Well. This isn't a 'tweet of the day' but nobody posted anything good yesterday. Does anybody know what fight he is talking about, though? (Personal gain for the win!)

Yesterday's Best Comment "OK ... You win. I can’t compete with Booyah. Love you Tre." from LondonNiner. Come on, Tre, the guy doesn't even have his laptop, and you administer that brand of insult? You set yourself up for prime sarcasm, as our loveable Londoner demonstrated flawlessly!