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Golden Nuggets: Not a whole lot today.

Alriiight. Good morning everyone. Starting these Nuggets a bit early so I can get to bed, my nerves are shot right now, that hockey game last night was awesome.I'm so glad the hockey playoffs are during the NFL offseason, because then I'd have to miss them, and they've been awesome. Why do I keep ranting about hockey in the Nuggets? Because there's not a whole lot going on in 49erland. The first rookie minicamp concluded recently and I'm sure I have some more notes for you and things of that nature on said minicamp, some quotes from the coaches, all of that good stuff. So instead of boring you with more talk about hockey and the Sharks, I'll just get to your links. Enjooooy.

233 pound secret in the backfield? Man, I hope so. I'm a Glen Coffee supporter, to be sure. I think the kid had the short end of the stick last season with that o-line and all, but I'd be more than happy with Dixon proving me wrong. (

Dixon leaves it all on the field. Let's hope he improves his uh... ability to stand up. (

Barrows takes a look at the position battles going on in 49erland right now. (

Here's a transcript of Jimmy Raye after the first 49ers minicamp. (

And here's a bit on what defensive coordinator Greg Manusky said. (