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Niners Nation Google Search of the Day: Merton Hanks neck

As the grand poo-bah of Niners Nation, I have access to a variety of site traffic tracking tools. Aside from numbers, I can see what people are searching through search engines to get to our site. For the most part, people primarily search for terms we'd all expect, like the team name or an individual player's name. Given the wide range of posts we have here, there's a broad range of search terms that will bring one to Niners Nation.

Every so often I'll find a particularly amusing search term that brings up an NN link. I've decided that for at least the offseason, whenever I find a particularly good search, I'll post it here. Today's is not the craziest I've seen, but it's still rather amusing:

merton hanks neck

The link that came up (towards the bottom of the page) was our vote on the #2 All-Time Safety for the Niners Nation All-Time team. Hanks was in the ballot and naturally we had to mention his chicken dance. What's interesting is that I mentioned Hanks and the dance, but nothing about his neck. The neck part came in the comments, so apparently the comments section can trigger searches.

There's nothing earth shattering about this, but I thought it was amusing enough to share.