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Sunday YouTube: 49ers-Bengals in Super Bowl XVI

A few weeks ago we introduced a feature called Sunday YouTube. The first post featured highlights from the 49ers-Giants 2002 wild card playoff game, and the second post featured Garrison Hearst's 96-yard TD run to beat the Jets. I missed out on posting this feature the last couple weeks, but I thought now was as good a time as any for another Sunday YouTube post.

Over our 3+ years here at Niners Nation, we've done what we can to bring you info on 49ers history that you might not generally find. Everybody knows about Montana-to-Taylor, or the dominant 1984 team, or the memorable 1994 team. Today, I thought I'd bring some YouTube footage of the 49ers 1982 Super Bowl victory. The 49ers took down the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XVI for their first championship.

We all know the 49ers are 5-time Super Bowl champions, but the 1982 Super Bowl often gets forgotten by fans. After finally beating the Cowboys in the NFC Title game, this Super Bowl victory officially began the 49ers dynasty. The game featured a big time goal-line stand by the 49ers. And given all the talk about the cold-weather Super Bowl in 2014, this was actually the first Super Bowl hosted by a cold-weather city. It was in a dome of course (the Silverdome in Michigan), but cold-weather nonetheless.

Part 1 of the NFL Films coverage is below, with part 2 after the jump.