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Golden Nuggets: Say whaaaat?

Morning folks. I am sad to report that... I don't think I have very many (if any at all) links for you today. Checking the usual suspects, I don't really see anything. So today's Nuggets will be a little less comprehensive than they have been lately. I'll include what I can but even the beat writers as well as the players have been pretty inactive as far as tweeting has been lately. You guys need to shape up with your commenting as well! I mean come on.. Just come on. Step up your game. Anyway.. I'm just stalling at this point. Nothing is going on, but I'll give you what coverage I can. Enjoy what we've got, folks. 

No linkage today but make the jump for the usual roundup. This is the first time I have been unable to provide a single link. I'm such a failure.

UPDATE: Big thanks to One Cool Customer from our resident Dallas Cowboys blog, Blogging the Boys. I know, I know, fraternizing with the enemy and all that but technically he fraternized with me! But seriously, thanks a lot, I didn't even know folks from other teams were even aware of the Nuggets but he provided all of these links in an email to me, from around SB Nation, which I, admittedly, need to look at a bit better--in my defense I wasn't around until about 2:50. Oh well, enjoy these links!

First, he did a little self-promotion, which I almost groaned at until I saw it was a very interesting piece, I mean, despite the fact that he's a dirty stinki--.. just kidding. Seriously though, a good article about NFL teams and alternative media. (

From our Chiefs blog, which is a fine, well-run site, mind you, a 2010 outlook post about each team. (

More 2010 outlook! Wooh! I love reading this kind of thing, this one from our Eagles blog. (

Number 7 on the power rankings? HECK YES! Sorry for the lack of professionalism folks, it IS 4 AM.. just kidding I hate being professional. Anyway, pretty comprehensive article! (

We've already discussed, at length, the article this fanshot links to, but hey, it's good to know some of our 2010 opponents think we're legitimate. Needless to say we share the sentiments. (

Yesterday On Niners Nation We started off with your favorite article in the history of ever, the Golden Nuggets, Fooch had a post called 'Sunday Youtube', and then we closed the day with a Lying with the Enemy post. 

Today On Niners Nation (All times Pacific and subject to change.)

7:00 AM - I will have a player profile post up at this time, this one about David Carr.

11:00 AM - Fooch has a post at this point, I believe relating to Ndamukong Suh and the 49ers first round draft picks. Anything after 11 is up in the air at this point.

Yesterday's Best Comment "The Smileyman comment was true. But that Lowell Cohn might give Kawakami a run for his money… my goodness what a terrible article." by brundylop. No comment.